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I love this game & don't get the reviews at all.

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I loved Bulletstorm and I got full clip edition from Gamefly and it was even better than I remember. One of the funnest games I have ever played. Then I went to order the actual game and to my astonishment it was $65 ($60 plus $5 for the Duke DLC) and decided to wait until its cheaper. Still a great game though and worth every penny.

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Persona isn't a Q1 game.

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This game is so much fun. I just don't get the reviews for both this and Drawn to Death.

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As long as the underrated Heroes vs. Villains mode is back I will get it.

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What is unbalanced? I haven't noticed that at all. The graphics are awesome. So is the music. It controls fairly well. Only problem is the matchmaking. My favorite MP since Titanfall 2 for sure.

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Too busy playing Drawn to Death to worry about these games.

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I want new modes and a longer campaign in Splatoon 2. I also want Mario 3D World and Maker ports. More info on Rayman Legends would be nice too. Ports of any old Mario games would be welcome except I don't care for Sunshine or New Mario Bros Wii U.

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This is shaping up to be one disappointing sequel. Which is shocking, because the original really could have been a masterpiece without the odd Nintendo restrictions. They need to add a horde mode, TDM, a longer/deeper campaign, & allow people to switch load outs in the lobby & obviously allow people to play any mode at any time.

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I actually liked 3D World a lot more than Galaxy & especially Sunshine.

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This is one of the worst reviews I've ever encountered. He criticizes the jump button being X and that the button mapping is weird. Nobody complained about the button mapping in Zelda BOTW. Jumping should be X. And the personal dig at Jaffe was weird. Oh, & the review made a terrible poop joke while trashing the game for crude jokes.

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What an ironic statement. Nier is so damn repetitive. Its 99% walking around. When you do fight its the same damn enemies and same environments over and over.

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A bunch of those games have a Metacritic below 45. Terrible games. Still going to get it though.

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I would kill for Rayman Legends 2. I didn't even care about it but it ended up being one of the best games I have ever played.

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For this to be a successful sequel it needs a longer campaign, more modes, and without the many silly design restrictions of the original. It better have new modes but right now it sounds like it won't. I really hope it has a mode that incorporates enemies from the game. And it also really needs team deathmatch which I think would work well in Splatoon. The main mode turf war is pretty boring and tower control or whatever it was called was nearly broken.

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If this was the only big third party shooter on the Switch I think it would actually sell. Nintendo fans would support it even though they don't like shooters. Personally, I would actually like it on Switch. Same with a game like Borderlands. But it won't come to Switch.

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I like Horizon much, much more. Which is odd because I normally prefer linear games and MP games.

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No way Switch sells as many as 3DS. Demand isn't even that great anymore. Amazon had them in stock today and through third party sellers you can get them for under $300.

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I would give it a 7 too. Graphics, combat and control all suck. It's the most flawed good game I have ever played.

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I personally liked Horizon a lot more than zelda & Persona 5 doesn't interest me in the slightest.

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