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Based on what I have played I'm not sure if I would even give it a 4/10, and I expected it to be good. The best mode in the original was imo Heroes vs Villains, and now the mode is trash. It went from fun and strategic to team deathmatch that doesn't really work with just heroes. On top of that the MP is really confusing. I wasn't sure how to attach star cards or whatever

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I'm a big Mario fan but I'm not loving Odyssey so far. Graphics, motion controls, music, are all bad. Currently about to leave the beach planet with about 150 moons. I wish there was more platforming in it and its way too easy. I haven't died a single time from an enemy.

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I want 3D world and Mario Maker on Switch. Plus A Galaxy Collection would be awesome too.

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Mario and Zelda games are always so overrated visually. IMO the art design is weak and the resolution is so low its distracting. I keep hearing its 1080p but there is no way it is. The resolution clearly changes because sometimes it looks as high as about 900p but often it looks like its 720p or lower. Its worth getting, obviously, but the graphics aren't nearly as good as people say. Just like BOTW. Also, the motion controls SUCK.

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Have it on PS4. Don't even like my Switch but it would be PERFECT on it.

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My favorite game this gen.

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Chester was one of the greatest singers on the planet, even tho Linkin Park has sucked for a while. He could scream his lungs out or do pop. One of my all time favorite songs is the song he did for Jonathan Davis on the Queen of the Damned soundtrack called System.

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I was really excited about this game but I can't get a game going.

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Pretty impressive. All of Pandora The World of Avatar cost $500M. And that includes a awesome land, a AAA ride with one of the greatest queus ever, and a dark ride.

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I'M a HUGE Insomniac fan but don't care about Spiderman. I just hope there is upgrading.

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The top 10 is pretty shocking. And my all time favorite game, Ratchet Up Your Arsenal, didn't make the list.

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It was my worst game of the year last year :(

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One of the worst games I've ever played. Control and camera made it unplayable.

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What a terrible list. Give me Mario 3D World with a few new levels and give me Mario Maker without the dumb restrictions. And Mario Maker with 64? WTF. You think its easy just to make it 3D like its a skin?

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I'm a troll because I didn't like a game u liked?. I thought it was terrible. I could not get the joy cons to work at all and had to switch to the Pro controller. Game play was bad imo. No depth. How in the hell could you think the gameplay was deep? I was playing two players and almost every match one of the two players had to spectate. And the vollyball mode was terrible.

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The movement in the game using motion controls is terrible.

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I was looking forward to it but the beta killed it for me. Joy cons are unusable and there appears to be no depth at all.

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I thought Edit Finch was console exclusive to PS4? Is it going to xb1?

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You just killed my hype by comparing it to Pokken Tournament.

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Nintendo's online is a joke and I don't know how they expect to charge. So many connection errors in mario kart 8.

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