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Yeah. I played it for about 3 hours today on wii u & about 15 hours overall. I just think it's ugly & boring with bad combat & control. There are times its fun. Some of the shrines are fun & occasionally you can do something pretty cool, but it doesnt make up for the ugly & the repetitive. I spent about 90 minutes today unsuccessfully searching for thr statue in Hateeno Village. That was not fun.

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Most overrated game of 2016 calling most overrated game of 2017 a masterpiece.

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I don't even think it's an above average game.

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I'm playing it now and yes its over-rated. Its boring, ugly and has poor control. Oh, and the frame rate sucks. If a sony or Microsoft game had these technical problems they would be docked points.

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Got this game the other day and regret it. So much potential but its so boring.

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I'm only several hours in but it feels like all busy work. Walking, cooking, and going through inventory.

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I'm playing both and I like Horizon much more. I'm not an open world RPG kind of guy, but damn Zelda is boring and ugly. I'm not very far in though.

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This has been a must buy for me since they announced it. This has to be one of the biggest games ever on Plus considering it's day 1.

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I really enjoy the game, but the control, combat, and swimming could be improved. I also wish you could hold more weapons on the weapon wheel, could move quicker in focus mode, and got rid of the searching for footprints mechanic.

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7 is about what I would give it. Graphics suck, can be kind of boring, and I came across a bug that made me start over.

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Still a higher score than I would give it. Terrible graphics and I encountered a bug that required me to start the game over.

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Greg is funny as hell and makes a lot of jokes like that, so I'm sure there is a lot more to this.

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I doubt this is why he is leaving. Probably had more to do with fighting with the other guys and the fact that the show is called Kinda Funny yet Colin is not kind of funny. He's overly serious, pretentious and a chemistry killer. Never really seemed to know what he was talking about anyway and made terrible predictions.

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Yeah, nobody would complain if a comedian made that joke because there a comedian. Colin is not.

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PS4 had actual games at launch and a decent digital store and streaming apps. Switch doesn't even have basic tablet functionality. Plus its extremely under-powered and its rather shocking how little 3rd party support it has. Far, far less than Wii U. LOL, and what update/ability were you waiting for on PS4 that Switch currently has 3.5 years later?

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I honestly don't understand how the Switch could receive anything higher than a 6 at its current state. It may eventually be good, but right now it is unfinished.

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I just started the game a couple hours ago but I wouldn't even give it a 6. Boring, ugly, and confusing.

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I'm no fan of open world RPGs but I have really enjoyed Horizon. Easy 9 imo. Very addictive. It has some problems, but overall its really good. I just started Zelda on Wii U a couple hours ago and I don't like it. It is HIDEOUS and I don't know what to do.

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This is great news. I have had terrible luck with the tracking of the move controllers.

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Are they the 360 or XB1 versions of the game. I have no interest if its the 360 versions.

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