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I just want more Mario. Not only new ones but ports of old ones. That's pretty much it, but I do hope Splatoon 2 has new modes and split screen.

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No excuse for BOTW not running better on Switch, but I disagree that the game is bugless. I'm playing on WiiU but early on I had to start my game over because of a bug (nothing was appearing on map).

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There's one game on Switch in its' first 8 weeks! I get all consoles tho so I ordered one a couple days ago. They have gotten cheap online.

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Sunset Overdrive and Gears 4. That's about it.

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I like my Wii U more than the original Wii and more than the 3DS. But I still think NES is the best. I know a lot of people (most probably) feel that the SNES is the best Nintendo console ever, but I think it easily goes 1) NES 2) SNES 3) N64. After that I may personally go with Wii U, but its still no more than a secondary console and you can't even make the argument that its the best Nintendo console ever.

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Yeah, it must suck being a famous author,

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NES is only third. Blasphemy.

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Best MP game this gen imo

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LOL. What SJW propoganda is being forced into games. Lots of people are gay. Portraying a few of them in games is not an agenda.

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Absolutely. It's a tablet.

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No way it is worth $700. I'll say $500. Maybe even $450.

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I want a Boom Blox sequel. Best party game I have ever played.

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OK cool. I couldn't find anything so I stopped trying. Bad habit of only using bombs.

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What can you pick up with magnesis in this game?

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Worst launch lineup among all the consoles listed.

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99% of people wouldn't spend months on Zelda like you though.

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This game had so much potential but was so damn boring.

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There is nothing to debate. Switch isn't getting third party games. Even the few its getting are either greatly delayed (Yooka Layle, Lego Worlds), or greatly delayed and completely inferior (Dragon Quest Heroes, Skyrim).

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Godfather 3 was nominated for best picture and director though...

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Wow, so original.

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