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Oh cool, Cameron & Lightstorm are involved. They typically only do Cameron stuff and don't even like to produce other people's movies, so they must have been impressed with Ubisoft's vision.

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I'm a HUGE Cameron fan so I'm excited.

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Cool and strategically timed service, but I also wish it allowed users to stream games. The great thing about Now is it's perfect for kids. Kids love quick access to a ton of games & even if streaming takes a slight hit in quality kids usually don't notice. I think it would be cool if Nintendo did something like this. Problem w Microsoft doing this is they don't have handhelds or PSTV or anything like that. A service like this on Switch would be really cool if they ever get a...

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Super Stardust is one of my all time favorite games and Resogun is one of my favorite games this gen. Alienation I barely played and was pretty disappointed with though.

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That's tiny and probably an error. There are 640 acres in a sq mile so that would only be about 8 miles.

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Wow. You have to be the world's biggest fanboy to argue the Switch doesn't seem rushed. Worst launch lineup in my lifetime, no Netflix or other streaming apps, no Youtube, no internet browser, terrible store, no virtual console.

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Yeah, no kidding. I said games like Tearaway, not Tearaway 2.

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Great news. I was afraid Nintendo wouldn't allow portable only games. This is going to be great for indies and maybe we can get some cool, innovative games like Tearaway.

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Is there any way to default it so it mutes everyone?

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Can't believe no Rayman Legends or Splatoon.

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Are you expecting Switch owners to get it on Wii U instead?

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So you are saying you wouldn't want Breath of the Wild to have better graphics?

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One of the best things about a game is the inability to choose what you want to use?

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Never understood how people can possibly not like the ability to create your own class.

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One is a likely untrue rumor about specs. We get those every day. I would have liked to have seen the article though. And one is about the state of the Switch, which is far more entertaining than a spec rumor. It's almost shocking to see how rushed Switch is.

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I would really appreciate some help if someone can answer this. I have three PS4s. Two at my house and one at my ofc. All three PS4s have my account and my son's account on them. PS Now is under my account. I thought there was no way for me to play a game, or even watch a movie for that matter, if my son is using my Now subscription on another PS4. Is there really way for us both to be on my account at the same time? Every time he tries it logs me out. And there's really a way...

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No hard drive support, no EA Access, tons of delays, PS4 break out box not allowing HDR and the Move controllers taking a different sized USB, not enough USBs on PS4, and Vita/remote play/PS Now functionality. Vita should have bee the perfect compliment to a PS4.

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I find it funny when Nintendo fanboys say 3rd party support doesn't matter. Of course games matter and just a couple of months ago they were going on and on about all the third party support Switch would have.

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I would love this on Switch. Platformers are all I play on handhelds.

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I would kill for a great Family Guy or Simpsons game. Especially in VR.

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