Battlefield 4 is one of the worst multiplayer experiences ever! Don't buy that buggy piece of shit!
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i won't buy any of their games for sure, but the damage was done and now i want to see some damage on them... (sadly a BF4 premium gamer)

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makes me smile :) hopefully they go bankrupt soon.

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@frostypants just blind nobrain fanboys, don't worry about them.

@Oner well it seems like a badly structured hardware, when it can't even max out the SATA3. It's really weird how it manages drive data transfers.

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@Rainstorm81 you can call BS all you want :) but something tells me you know nothing about hardware, when you think a 5400RPM HDD isn't slow... and if you can't read i already wrote i wanted to shorten the loadings of games. If you couldn't experience the SSD speeds on PC then you don't know what speedy drive is, and how a level can load in 5 seconds max.

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well i don't install so many games anyway, normally if i finish a game and know i won't play it for a longer period of time i just delete it. I wanted to get more speed out of it and shorten the loadings. And since i got the 60gb PS3 fat i switched the 500gb PS4 HDD into the PS3 :)

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have to agree, i had mine preordered with killzone and after i finished the SP (which was very boring) and played around 6 hours of MP (where i couldn't switch teams and when i wanted to see the scoreboard it got choppy...) i was disappointed really.

I even bought a 250GB SSD drive for it and the speeds were also very disappointing when i compared it to my SSDs in PC. I knew it wouldn't be so fast cause of the SATA3, but this was just way too slow.


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shouldn't there be some law like 3 times and you go to jail? :)

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that's because EA probably pushed on the reviewers or gave them some $$$ love, how else do you think they would sell broken games?...

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EA must be new to the game industry, when they consider BF4 as a perfect playable game...

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DICE programmers are the finest...

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same here, but my friend says Brian is back again in todays episode!!! I can finally watch FG again :)

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i would rather buy Nvidias Shield.

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only one game for PS4? :(

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normally people get paid for doing QA... DICE + EA worst companies of 2013 and probably forever.

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that their games sux just like the ones from LJN with the same rainbow - , (only AVGN fans will understand this)

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muricans mostly... yeeeehaaw

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i could solve this rubber banding by "parking my cores" :) don't know if you are playing it on PC, but if so, then read this fix - http://battlelog.battlefiel... . So it's not a server issue, the game is just badly programmed really :/

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just a fact for you: EA doesn't program the game... i like how everyone is angry at EA, but DICE is the one with unskilled programmers who are making all the problems. And btw. i don't want to defend EA in any way, just stating, that both companies are crap.

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aaaand the netcode is still "magic"... which means craptastic.

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