Battlefield 4 is one of the worst multiplayer experiences ever! Don't buy that buggy piece of shit!
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still got milk?...

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so Mantle will be released when BF5 comes out :D cause you know, there will still be issues since they always bring new bugs with every update...

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got milk?...

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i said NO to payed DLC's from the beginning, join the rebellion.

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when all the stupid bots die...

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Manic Miner on ZX Spectrum.

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it should've been there like an option with default firmware, i don't know why they have such problems to implement a simple switch on/off...

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i like how DICE devs are making excuses when they have to talk about the horrible netcode and how it can't be fixed etc. but when i play a F2P fps games like for example Planetside 2 with 100-200 players in one battle area without such nasty issues like in BF4, i'm starting to think DICE programmers should switch to simple flash games...

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pls just watch this whole video - , DICE made the same bugs from BF3 appear in BF4, this has not so much to do with rushed game as with unskilled programmers, i mean even the first CS had better netcode (you can see that in the video, where CS uploads 100x/second the players position while BF4 only uploads it 10x/second which of course is then ...

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even as an Alien fan myself i stopped believing in any hype for any game, cause even the Aliens Colonial Marines was hyped and look what it become... so i rather wait for some real reviews from gamers.

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you just can't be sure with such a buggy game...

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so true, it looks like a robot invented it, cause it has no style.

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i constantly switched through Nvidia and AMD(ATI) cards, and have to say Nvidia are always kinda more stable and have better performance.

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pls stop defending bad programming, i had so many sure shot moments which didn't hit just like most of people playing BF4 had experienced too (you can also look for many videos on youtube showing how bad the hit detection is). Even F2P fps games have better netcode than BF4.

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it will come out in the same time as FFVII remake...

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hit detection (netcode) is one of the awesome changes?...

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exactly, tho i would like to try their weird steam gamepad and how the touchpads work with fps games.

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showing BF4 is like showing a retarded child... that's how bad the game is. (lol this comment was marked as offensive... so many retarded kids here? :D )

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after BF4 where they can't even fix a basic things like netcode and hit detection i really don't care what DICE have to say, to me they are lame developers (i mean the programmers only) and should be fired and never get a job in the gaming industry.

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