Battlefield 4 is one of the worst multiplayer experiences ever! Don't buy that buggy piece of shit!
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instead they should attack the accounts of all the DICE programmers, that are responsible for this mess of a game and take all their money.

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they should really test the firmwares thoroughly, but sadly we now live in a time, where everything must be released fast and there goes the quality... just look at DICE, they never test their updates and every new one bring new bugs with it + doesn't even fix the old ones...

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i will get a 256gb one for about 150Euros, think it's worth for the speed, silence and overall less heat in the console.

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have 2 SSDs in my PC, don't know about any instability issues.. and i have to put my launch PS3 phat behind the door when i want to play, cause it's so noisy... but if you like to listen to a hairdryer when playing some stealth game be my guest :D

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btw hell isn't quiet, there are many lawyers crying from pain!

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also a reason to install a SSD drive - less noise and less heat

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just to showcase how playable it is now a will probably be even in China Rising... -

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exactly, now it's only one video/one PS4 and everyone is panicking... (and with everyone i mean xbox fanboys :D )

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i will wait for some SSD tests with the PS4, cause i want such load speeds like on the PC. Everyone who experienced SSD speeds don't want to go back...

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i will put a 256gb SSD inside, i don't hoard games so it will suffice. My only concern is if PS4 won't have some problems with SSD drives...

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don't jew it Jeff!

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i think it will automatically upscale all of them to 1080p.

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fix the netcode or GTFO

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imaginaaaation, imaginaation, in imaginaaaaaaation :)

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indeed -

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it should show that xbox one is on life support...

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lol the best posters comments probably looked like this - "fix the damn netcode!"

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DICE programmers must have been switched since BF2 with monkeys as it seems... the MP is nearly unplayable thx to the horrible netcode, it isn't fun emptying whole clip just so the enemy kills you in one hit (which is cause he saw completely different situation as you did)

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lol yeah BF4 is crashing on PC like every 10 minutes, sign of very good programming...

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New MS slogan - 720p > 1080p, yeah we're that smart, deal with it!

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