Battlefield 4 is one of the worst multiplayer experiences ever! Don't buy that buggy piece of shit!
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you didn't read the article? - "disabling tracks in tanks and losing control if you’re in an aircraft. They have now changed this to be a temporary effect though, and the vehicle will recover after a few seconds."

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so what's the point of disabling tracks of a tank, when they will repair themselves after a couple of seconds by itself?... DICE lost it really.

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"In the end, we’ll let the consoles and their games speak for themselves.” - but you will probably need to learn the RROD language to understand their console...

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in this state anything they say or do will just makes things worse, cause most people think they are lying anyway. Only thing they can do is to try to release good exclusive games in the future. I for myself won't buy xbox one, not only because of their moneygrabbing strategies but also cause almost every "exclusive" game will be on PC anyway and i will play them there.

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will the game launch with only one map?? cause we already know the whole map now with so many videos only showing this one...

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sooo environment destruction in BF8?... cause innovation is lacking with DICE...

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They don't know anyone.

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you mean something like this? :) - https://fbcdn-sphotos-f-a.a...

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again he didn't show the power brick... is it so big and heavy they need to hide it from public? :D

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since i played the game on PC i know there won't be any change to level design or visuals. They are just optimizing the game for PS4.

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and it is even bigger when you add the power brick...

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lol this comes to my mind when i watched the video (cause of the language) -

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i want to buy this mouse, but it's really dumb from Logitech, that they didn't made it rechargeable through USB...

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yeah the heavy power brick definitely brings more balance...

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always when i see this douche -

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BF4 will be also full of nasty bugs (just like BF3), so i would go for KZ on launch and then maybe 2-3 months later for BF4 when hopefully the most bugs are fixed.

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this comes to my mind :D -

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i'm not even surprised with all the MS lies to hype their product... rushed xbox one and the launch games will probably be also rushed, since they only have 2 months to finish them.

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developers can only hide loading screens with the use of cutscenes (which are only streaming prerendered videos, and the loading of next level is done in the background) like in many games for example Uncharted series or God of War.

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and then the sale numbers come up and MS will be very quiet...

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