Battlefield 4 is one of the worst multiplayer experiences ever! Don't buy that buggy piece of shit!
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COD games? :D

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since when did mediocre graphics become incredible graphics?...

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or the land of the future, where quality doesn't mean sht... one way to support pirating games :P

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They could at least do it in MSPaint...

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the game should be banned everywhere till they fix the netcode :P

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just human greed i think, the money for more servers and better connection went to someone pockets...

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Steam is down... probably because of the free L4D2 which was everyone downloading... one would think after such announcement and after so many years they would have enough servers, that such outage wouldn't happen...

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and for free!!! :D

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and you can only reverse it if your are attacked from the front or from the side.

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yep, got that one for maybe 1$ :)

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oh and i forgot, consoles get definitely great deals, as a PS+ member i get plenty great games (like around 30 per year) for 50Euros.

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i think it's hard to beat HumbleBundles, best price for so many good games.

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really weak discounts, half of the games were already in the last SteamSale and before, then there are crappy indie games and then there are games people could get for better a price with the Humble Bundles.

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Never been so immersed in a game like in Skyrim, numero uno indeed.

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... but brings new bugs :D have to agree with many players, that the hit detection got messed up somehow with the latest updates.

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rats leaving a sinking ship...

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i also found myself buying almost every PC game digitally now, i have a good 100mbit net, so why not. Also there are such good deals on Steam (waiting for todays Xmas deals!) or HumbleBundles. But on consoles it's completely different, since the prices there are just horrible and the discounts sux... But as a PS+ member i just enjoy the "free" digital games :)

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and it's AngryVideoGameNerd!

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same here.

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it must be like candyland for you :D we heteros have a really hard time finding those better looking gamergirls :) and if we find one, there are like minimum 20 gamerguys glued onto them who are waiting for the window of opportunity :D

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