Battlefield 4 is one of the worst multiplayer experiences ever! Don't buy that buggy piece of shit!
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i found myself using the EOD bot a lot thx to the shtty netcode :D -

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tutt22 i would consider me more of a BF fan, since i played them since the first BF1942 one. But with BF4 it's the last time i give DICE my money and many gamers will do the same.

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it's crashing on every platform, it's the main feature of the game :/

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so you're new to BF games? probably never enjoyed the quality of DICE updates right? because they only bring more bugs and fix almost nothing just like in BF3. But why listen to me... just read all the lovely comments on the battlelog. Dice programmers are crap, and now considered as the worst developer, they can shake hands with EA, lovely couple.

@venom06 that is definitely the truth, simply read the battlelog people what they have to say, you know the gamers.

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Holy Sh*t i could finish a round without crashing the game... best moment

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exactly, too much realism is not good for the pace of gameplay. If someone wants realism he should well... get in the military.

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this is the worst bug really, makes the game totally unfair.

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true... i had a K/D of 2.4 in BF3, now in BF4 i have 1.4 just because i get killed instantly almost everytime and my bullets don't register hits properly. So i am forced to play as the medkit guy in the background...

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good news :)

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Ryse used cloud to better simulate boredom.

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dcj0524 they showed their programming skills with BF3, where the bugfixing was also terrible. Launch issues are one thing, but they have problems fixing bugs through the whole lifespan of their games, in which you can't blame EA, but DICE.

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so true... i wish i could trade the game back :( (pc version)

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BF4 is crap on every platform don't worry... (trying to play on PC) no money from me next time DICE, hope you'll bankrupt.

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i think it went down the hill from BF3, BF4 is my last BF game, i don't trust those amateur DICE devs anymore.

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am also playing on PC, they should repair the horrible netcode too, it really isn't fun when the enemies see me like 1 second earlier and then i end up like a one hit kill without having a chance to dodge...

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"until this one is fixed" :D seeing BF3 which was never properly fixed (the lag shooting behind cover), BF4 will be maybe fixed by the release of BF5 next year... to me BF4 is the last i bought, the programming skills of DICE are just plain horrible and it isn't just because of rushed launch. If you don't believe me just read the comments on battlelog. DICE can't die soon enough, we don't need companies like this one.

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dont read too much into we're getting some $$$ love from MS.

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"Fixed an issue where the EMP effect lasted for too long on soldiers. " lol yeah sure fixed, now it's constant blur effect that's causing headaches. So much fail with DICE, my last BF game for sure.

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fine now? :DD just look at the battlelog comments... it's still crap. Even worse, now there is a horrible blur bug, from which people get headaches and dizzy.

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definitely, everyone saw how they fixed bugs on BF3 and now on BF4, and they are mostly just messing more things up as they are fixing... so this isn't only a problem of a rushed launch. programmer skill 0.

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