Battlefield 4 is one of the worst multiplayer experiences ever! Don't buy that buggy piece of shit!
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you know nothing (Jon Snow) -

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i'm a N4G member since 01 Sep 2006, and i remember the times when the xbox fanboy plague was even worse... now it's just payback time :D

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I selected that from the start to only crew+friends and i still hear everyone... (PS3 version)

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so many little kids playing a 18+ game... gets really annoying, since there is no "Mute All" button :/

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just a thought - were you killed in between by other players? cause if yes, then there you have the answer, you will loose money even from the bank for the hospital treatment.

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making them faster would be a very bad move for the people like me who preordered the first version... i would be really pissed and would probably never buy another console if this would be true.

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the price difference between 256gb and 500gb is quite big now, so you will have to wait a bit for a price drop (i would say at least a year...). But if you are only a gamer the 256gb should suffice.

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To me it's the best investment since many years. I've got 2x 128gb SSDs in my PC, one for Windows and one for games. Booting up Windows and running software never been faster, also transfering files etc. You just can't go wrong with a SSD (of course you should read some reviews before you buy a certain one), and SSDs are difinitely the future, normal HDDs will bite the dust soon.

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I will definitely get an 256gb SSD drive for the PS4, cause i'm already used to those hyperspeeds on my PC where something with normal HDD would load about 30 seconds on SSD it loads in just 5 seconds. And of course they make no noise and don't produce such heat.

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@rdgneoz3 well it's their fault it's in the game. That is no hack, just a bug. So they have no right to ban people.

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or you can make about 2 millions an hour doing this :D -

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OrangePowerz when you look at the many bugs and bad optimization on BF3, their skills in PC developing aren't so good either...

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i already made 2 millions with the easy money glitch, so these are just peanuts really :P :D

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5:27 i like how there isn't a scratch on the floor after he throws a grenade... BF4 really isn't a graphical masterpiece to show 4k resolution.

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tell me about it... i have the launch 60gb PS3 fat, so i have room problems too :) but i will make the old switcheroo when i get the PS4, cause i will buy a 256gb SSD disc for PS4 and the 500gb hdd i will then put inside the PS3 :D The PS3 couldn't use the super speeds of SSD discs cause of the slow SATA, but the PS4 will.

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you don't have to delete them, just clicking the download button activates the game and ties it to your account even if it says you don't have enough HDD space to install it. Then you can download it later even if the game is taken off PS+.

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the one, that had fully functional multiplayer from the start...

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also a record with the most broken online ever...

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Have to agree with Bathyj, i just went on killing sprees after finishing the game.

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Cause that would mean developers would get away with such crappy testing like with the Online part... I like my games well, playable!

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