Battlefield 4 is one of the worst multiplayer experiences ever! Don't buy that buggy piece of shit!
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it's crap, since the M1911 isn't so strong, the .44 Magnum would be a better choice.

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they couldn't fix the cover lag problem (when you get hit behind cover) in BF3 and yet still they released BF4, where the same problem is present... so i have to disagree, with your Battlefield cycle theory :)

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BF4 is mostly about luck cause of the hit detection, till the netcode is properly fixed there is no competitive gaming possible, litterally just spraying and most importantly praying, that the bullets (or data packets) won't get lost on the way to your target...

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i bought the product, even am a premium user, therefor i have all the right to complain since the game is in alpha like state. And they are sitting on their chairs producing more bugs as it seems, must be a hard job indeed...

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if they even fix the crashes there is still the horrible horrible netcode and hit detection which will probably never be fixed, cause DICE programmers are "magicians"...

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they also couldn't fix the cover lag problem, which is still present in BF4, so i don't think they will ever fix that too... they are already 1st on my list of the worst developers ever.

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serves him right, now someone should hack the credit cards of all the DICE employees and lock them down till they fix the netcode and all the bugs :) (looks like the executive producer is running here on N4G and disagreeing... :D )

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it's like a guy who got too big of an ego, he thinks he shits gold...

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well piratebay is your friend ;)

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this is exactly why there needs to be a video game crash like in the 80s, total reset of video game industry. People need to rebel against such companies who release broken games. Otherwise they will never learn their lesson, and there will be DLCs and pay to play online etc.

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i wish i could get one too, but not possible in my country... well at least i learned the lesson to not buy games from DICE in the future.

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lol aftter the update nobody could play the game today cause of some disconnecting bug, just classic DICE... also doing it on double xp event... and the hit reg is even worse than before. This is really the worst game investment i ever made (and i'm gaming since the 90s). DICE needs to leave the game industry and i hope the programmers will never find new jobs. Enjoy reading comments from the gamers -

they should rather concentrate on the online coding, since they just fail hard in that department.

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true, i mean BF4 is in alpha and got 8 and 9/10 reviews...

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you mean returned?...

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reaching for the clouds...

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disagreeing with facts :) you think all those people on battlelog are lying? or are DICE employees running here on N4G defending their shtty work? :D

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@Naughty__Boy here read some of the comments of the players - http://battlelog.battlefiel... , 843 pages full of comments of angry people that want their money back, maximum 10% of those comments are somekind positive. Don't support lazy and crappy developers or it will spread like wildfire and you can say goodbye to quality.

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@pyramidshead yeah they probably hid another GPU inside the power brick, that's why it's so big and so much heat is coming from it.

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yeah, the pay to play online was the worst trend ever started by MS. It only needs one money hungry douchebag and the others will follow if people pay for it. :/

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