Battlefield 4 is one of the worst multiplayer experiences ever! Don't buy that buggy piece of shit!
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Better question would be - is Cloud gaming and services really reliable? Answer: Definitely not!

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Rockstar went full Cloud retard.

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it's how they spell Glee.

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The loadings are killing it for me, so many times it hangs on the neverending loadings of lobbies etc. that i have to restart the game and again wait the 2-3 minutes till the game loads... Sorry Rockstar but you failed hard this time, better hire some good programmers for all the money.

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i gave up for today, could only play solo for like 5 minutes and after the intro it just disconnected... hopefully after a week it will be playable. (PS3)

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got the gtx 770 a month ago and i will probably get this game too, but graphically it is still on an old COD level...

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yeah well sorry, but in an action game i want to play a game instead of watching the stock market... the sad about it they forced it on people, cause you need to use it to get the money to buy the golf club. But i hope there will be many online players like you checking their stocks constantly on their phone, so i kill them easily when they do so :D

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the worst part of GTA V which even shouldn't be there... man playing with stocks is such fun /s

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like metalgod88 said, they will probably be problems with the servers in the first days, just like with the social club when i couldn't make a damn photo in the game cause the club feature didn't work for about two days.

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don't worry about such disagrees, just blind and dumb people and MS employees doing damage control on the interwebs. You can see a rise of such damage control here on N4G nearing the Xbox One release date, cause if they wouldn't try to hide the truth nobody with some sense would buy One...

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The new one uses different lighting and it looks like they used more detailed textures to fight the lower polygon count. Crytek knows how to make graphics, but sadly the gameplay will be as always just mediocre...

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now it's obvious why they showed most of the time their games running on PCs instead on Xbox Ones...

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sooo this is the best you will get in like 6 years of its life cycle... if it was just PR talk, then it went horribly wrong.

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waste of money collecting them anyway, i just crash one and take another :D

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they should be under fire for removing all the vigilante, firetruck, ambulance activities... instead they added boring tennis, marathon, yoga minigames, which suck. Played the game about 12 hours now and they make the same mistakes as in GTA IV, removing activities that were fun and adding some boring ones instead...

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soo PS4 will stick his cable inside the Xbox One... yep nothing wrong here. Xbox One - bend over! :P

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that would be great! do you have a link, where Sony confirms that?

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yeah the PSN is slow at downloading and i really hope they will fix that with all the money people will pay for PS+ now, cause i have a 100mbit net and it only downloads about 2-3mb/s, compared to Steam where i download at full speed 10mb/s. Also hope they remove the need of installing (think it's like unpacking) every game, cause that is really a pain...

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the game looked mediocre 7/10 to me from the beginning

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never paid for DLC and never will.

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