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PS3 Rulz!

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Many RPG's don't come out until later in the consoles life. Last year at this time there were almost none to choose from on any console.

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Looks like I'm the only one, but when going from ingame to XMB or vice versa (not ingame xmb however) there is a small chance that I get a line through the x=y axis and the stuff that is supposed to be on the bottom is on the top. Happens only every once in a while and only on one TV/PS3. A restart fixes it, but it is annoying.

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If not for the drums I'd put this in the same category as DDR. My buddy can actually play the drums because of this game which is more than I can say for guitar hero. That being said, I also hate this game.

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Your guys' avatars are sweet. I saw him Memorial day and am seeing him again w/ That One Guy in October. Super excited.

Oh yeah, and Eden rocks!

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You'll be able to fit ONE game, maybe two w/ nothing else on a 20 GB model (the most popular). A game like this will take up nearly 25% of a 120GB HDD. At $180 a pop that's $45 extra dollars to store it on you HDD. Nice.

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Dude, do you realize how much space a SINGLE DVD9 would take up, not to mention 3 or 4. 30GB for a single game is over 1/4 of the usable space of a 120GB drive going for, what $180?

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You can pick up a Squire bullet out of Guitar Center for $100. I have one and I play it almost every day. This would be a waste of $180.

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Took a little while to get it up (the boot disc that is), but once I got it to install it took about an hour and automatically found my laptop's wireless card, ethernet, graphics, disc drive... and I didn't have to specify anything, it just worked.

I set up all my roommates w/ logins and now I don't worry about crashes, viruses, or really anything for that matter.

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You do realize that it is being adopted faster than DVD's...

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They integrate so well w/ the PS3 that I'm gonna have to get one... Well that and FF7 prequel...

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I wasn't excited for this game, but now I am. The textures, the fluid motion, the draw distance, the lighting... everything was absolutely superb. Another day 1 purchase.

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Many of those RPG's you listed weren't released (at least WW) until much later in the PS2's lifecycle. There are a few out there now and coming out of their 2nd year I would be VERY surprised to not see a slew of them.

I mean the 360 has some RPG's, but many were released in the last year. A year ago EVERYONE was complaining about the lack of RPG's. They take longer to develop and don't show up en masse until yr 3.

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Seriously... They've owned a PS2 for however many years and now its time to upgrade... Hmmm... All those PS only franchises... You don't think that MAYBE just maybe they would pick up a PS3 at that point. You don't think Sony thought of this as well.

What if this is a new era of gaming where you can support all your customers w/ two consoles.

1) Early adopters w/ new tech and games
2) Middle adopters / somewhat casual, keep supporting until 'the pri...

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"The Xbox 360 uses a 12x DVD, which should give it about 16MB/second. "


However, that theoretical max is never reached and a more accurate representation would be to take the average over the whole of the disc. When you do that BR is faster.

Only fanboys think 2x BR is ALWAYS slower than DVD9

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This blog is a joke. You own all 3 consoles, but are envious of the 360's line up... Something isn't adding up... You list basically every exclusive (and some not) for the 360, but don't talk about any of the great games to be released (and are released) on the PS3.

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Ok then, tell me anything that was announced that will 'change the overall strategies'?

Getting FF13 as a multi did nothing except shock a few PS3 owners.

Fact is that most people that were going to buy a PS3 for FF13 more than likely did. Hell, until 2 days ago everyone was saying how FF13 wasn't a system seller anywhere except Japan. Well it's exclusive there. The announcement just spreads the FF13 love to the 360 only owners, and totally slaps anyone w/ bot...

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I'm so excited for this. My gf will be really excited... she's on her 3rd playthrough already...

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FF13 wasn't scheduled to release until next year and now we won't even see it then. Yeah, what a bomb. This 'bomb' makes me want to sell my 360.

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I've been waiting for something on this game for over a month. It looks awesome... so far.

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