The Finals Community Praises One Aspect of the Game Over Any Other

The Finals teaser of the new pink Easter bunny skin

One of the things that sets The Finals apart from other contemporary shooters is its cosmetics system, and the community tends to agree. This feature was first seen during a very positive and popular Alpha and Beta testing of the game. Moreover, when the game was released it exploded across the FPS community, bringing this cosmetics system to a larger audience. Although the player count has dwindled from its glory days, the game is still enjoying the full support from its developers. 

The Finals Community Rallies Around the Game’s Cosmetics System

The game offers some of the best gameplay mechanics, around. Furthermore, the cosmetics system that the game uses is far superior to some of the more popular titles. The community has majorly agreed that how The Finals implements cosmetics should be the new golden standard for multiplayer games.

This sentiment was noted by ExpendableUnit123 who created a thread on Reddit. Most importantly, they noted: “The ability to have entire bundle sets be modular and allow us to choose everything from facepaint to bum satchels is exactly what every game should be aiming for.”

One of the most beloved aspects of The Finals’ cosmetics is that nothing seems to drive you towards spending real-life currency in the shop. It’s entirely up to you. As Redditor Loqh9 summarized: “Unless I’m mistaken I think nothing is locked for purchase. The game doesn’t have a temporary store that pushes you to buying stuff. When I go on a weapon I can purchase all of the camos/bundles, even if they’re not in store anymore. This feels normal but it’s really not common in today’s terrible modern gaming. I love this game so much, it’s so good on so many aspects. Put some money into it to support the devs as well.”

Image of the Cosmetics System menu in The Finals, with the Heavy Build on screen.
Image by N4G Unlocked

Not everyone agrees, however, though their issues tend to be on a smaller scale. For instance, user Speedy_ZZZ “Would love to be able to part out items from bundles, the only gripe I have.” But compared to some of the game’s biggest competitors, it’s hardly a major criticism. Similarly, ShoetariCast explains that, while good, it’s hardly the best out there, saying: “Check out APB: Reloaded. Finals skin system very good, but it is far away from ‘Gold standard’.”

Why is The Finals Cosmetics System so Great? 

The Finals cosmetic system allows players to customize their Contestant’s clothing and accessory options separately. This allows players to create all sorts of crazy combinations from their collection. Moreover, every part of the cosmetic bundle you purchase or win is separated, meaning that you can use them individually. The Finals Cosmetic System is a great way to create unique looks for all your Contestants.

All the Ways You Can Get Skins in The Finals

The Finals has some of the best in-game skins on the FPS market at the moment. This was perfectly described by CapitanOttolus on Reddit: “ It blows my mind how detailed the skins are.” Moreover, the game offers a few different ways of acquiring cosmetics. Next to the traditional shop where you can purchase skins and bundles with real-life money, The Finals has a regular Battle Pass and a reward system for playing the game. Progressing through the Career will reward you with free cosmetics and skins. 

Along with all this, Embark Studios is constantly having events in the game that all offer free cosmetics and skins for participating and finishing event contracts. Nevertheless, these events don’t last long, so you must act quickly to grab some of those free skins. 

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