The Finals: What are Career Level Rewards

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The Finals is taking the gaming world by storm, even before its release the game was highly praised. Clearly, a combination of fast-paced fights in arenas with fully destructible terrain is proving to be a great recipe. Moreover, players have the option of choosing between three different classes and many weapons and gadget options. Along with all this, there is the cosmetic aspect to the game, and every character you create can be customized from scratch. From their looks to what they wear, it is all up to you. Nevertheless, many of these items need to be purchased with in-game currency, but with Career Level Rewards you will get some for simply playing the game. Continue reading and we will list all the Career Level Rewards you will get in The Finals. 

How to get Career Level Rewards in The Finals

To unlock Career Level Rewards in The Finals you will have to complete matches to increase your Career Level. At the end of every match, you will be shown your current level progression and future reward. In the main menu, you can see your current Career Level next to your nickname in the top right corner of the screen. You will find the list of all Career Rewards you can unlock in The Finals below.

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All Career Rewards in The Finals

  • Level 2 – Atletic Hat (Headwear)
  • Level 3 – Crash Bang Wallop, Hounting Howl, Ker-Snap, Pounce Warning, Ricochet Ready, Screeching Success, Sound of Safety (Sounds)
  • Level 4 – Dash of Defiance, Guardian’s Stand, Ocular Zest, Psst… Over Here, Summit Seeker, Surveillance Mission, Wrecking Ball (Sprays)
  • Level 5 – Belt Bag (Upper Back)
  • Level 6 – Satchel (Lower Back)
  • Level 7 – Bucket Hat (Headwear)
  • Level 8 – Baggy Battle Cargos (Lower body)
  • Level 9 – Chunky Wedge Trainers (feet)
  • Level 10 – Sawant (Spray)
  • Level 11 – Kangaroo Hoodie (Upper Body)
  • Level 12 – Phone Case (Badge)
  • Level 13 – Joggers (Lower Body)
  • Level 14 – Incognito Mode (Headwear)
  • Level 15 – Quarter-Zip Shirt (Upper Body)
  • Level 16 – Asymmetrical Pants (Lower Body)
  • Level 17 – Front-Pocket Satchel (Lower Back)
  • Level 18 – Game-Day Sweater (Upper Body)
  • Level 19 – Flat-Brim Cap (Headwear)
  • Level 20 – Kangaroo Hoodie #2 (Upper Body)
  • Level 21 – Historical Hi-Fi (Lower Back)
  • Level 22 – Track Shorts (Lower Body)
  • Level 23 – Arena Anyi-Glare (Facewear)
  • Level 24 – Slip-on Trainers (Feet)
  • Level 25 – Cuddly Plushie (Lower Back)
  • Level 26 – Tank and Arm Warmers (Upper Body)
  • Level 27 – Bad News Bandana (Facewear)
  • Level 28 – Trandy Turtleneck (Upper Body)
  • Level 29 – Pleated Skirt (Lower Body)
  • Level 31 – Tactical Sling Bag (Crossbody)
  • Level 32 – Beanie and Headphones (Headwear)
  • Level 33 – One-Leg-Harness Pants (lower body)
  • Level 34 – Ridget Armlet (Wrist)
  • Level 35 – Ranger Tee (Upper Body)
  • Level 36 – Active Shorts (Lower Body)
  • Level 37 – Hoodie Jacket (Upper Body)
  • Level 38 – Chipped Nama Tama (Lower Body)
  • Level 39 – Tapered Cargos (Lower Body)
  • Level 40 – Asymmetrical top (Upper Body)

These were all career rewards you can unlock in The Finals. If you are looking for more information on the game, check out our other articles, like Is there Aim Assist in The Finals, How to fix Error Code tfmr0100 in The Finals, and Can You Play The Finals Using a Controller.


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