The Finals Best Ways to Use Dual Blades

Screenshot during a match in The Finals

Season 3 brings many new things to The Finals, like the Dual Blades, a new weapon for Medium Build. This weapon is a second melee weapon at Medium Build disposal and is greatly different from Riot Shield. Moreover, Dual Blades have the potential to be quite lethal with the right specialization and gadgets. Read on to find out what is the best way to use Dual Blades in The Finals.   

The Best Ways to Use Dual Blades in The Finals

Screenshot of Dual Blades in The Finals
Image via N4G Unlocked

The second melee weapon for Medium Build, Dual Blades has a wide reach with fast attack speed and multi-strike combo potential. Additionally, players can use Dual Blades to deflect incoming bullets by using the defensive stance. However, this stance can only be used against enemies who are directly in front of the player.

The Best Build for Dual Blades in The Finals 

Weapon: Dual Blades

Specialization: Guardian Turret

Gadgets: Zip Line, Explosive Mine, APS Turret

Because Dual Blades are a melee weapon, taking Guardian Turret will give players a ranged attack option. Using a Guardian Turret can provide players with additional damage and a distraction that allows Medium Build to use Dual Blades more effectively. Moreover, this specialization is great for holding objectives and providing covering fire.   

Another gadget that is great for defensive purposes is the APS Turret, as this gadget provides a bubble that protects against throwables. As with the Guardian Turret, this gadget provides protection and can give players enough space to use Dual Blades without added worry about grenades or arena throwables. 

Taking a Zip Line or a Jump Pad is a must for a Medium Build. Being able to provide their team with greater mobility options is an essential part of playing a good support. Additionally taking a Zip Line provides Dual Blades with greater mobility to quickly close the gap and get to close quarters where Blades have the advantage. 
Like other melee weapons, using Dual Blades will leave your back exposed, and leaving a mine behind can help. Dropping an Explosive Mine before entering combat will protect you from attacks from the back. In addition, the Explosive Mine gadget is great for defending objective points or stopping enemies from reviving allies.


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