What is God Mode in Hades 2 and How to Activate It

Hades 2 image of the moon

If the game proves too difficult, there is a way to remedy that. This article explains what God Mode is and how to activate it in Hades 2.

Hades 2 is in Early Access, but it still garnered much praise and good reviews. Like its predecessor, Hades 2 is an isometric roguelike “god-like” game, only this time you play as the sister of Zagreus, the first game’s protagonist. Melinoe is the Princess of the Underworld and an aspiring witch, tutored by Hecate. As you’d expect, the game relies on your skill and weapons to defeat the toughest of enemies. But, if the game is too tough, or if you are just playing for the story and do not want to bother with difficult enemies, there is something you can do. So, let’s see what God Mode is in Hades 2.

Hades 2: What is God Mode

God Mode was an option in the first Hades and is now returning for the second part. Activating God Mode straight up gives you a 20% damage reduction. But that is not all. Each time you die during your runs, that damage reduction bonus increases by 2%. For example, after your first death, your damage reduction will be 22%. After your fifth death, you will reduce any incoming damage by 30%.

For now, we have no information if there is a cap on the damage reduction. We expect it is capped at 80%, just like in the first Hades game. Speaking of the first game, if you toggled God Mode on, you were unable to get any Achievements. Since Hades 2 is still in Early Access, there are no Achievements, so as far as we know, there are no downsides to using God Mode in Hades 2.

You can easily increase the number of deaths by going to the surface (in order to find Moss or Bronze, for example) since Melinoe will suffer damage as long as she stays on the surface.

Image of Melinoe traversing the Fields of Mourning in Hades 2.
Image via N4G Unlocked

How to Activate God Mode in Hades 2

Activating God Mode in Hades 2 is extremely simple. Pause the game at any point and select the Options Menu (the same can be done from the Main Menu). Select the Gameplay tab, and you will see God Mode as the first option there. Click on the God Mode checkbox (a little dot will appear) and the God Mode is activated. 

You can deactivate God Mode the same way you activated it. However, deactivating it will erase your God Mode “progress”, ie, the bonus incurred by your deaths. The next time you activate God Mode, it will start with a 20% damage reduction, as usual.


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