How to Get Copper Bars in LEGO Fortnite? Explained

Fortnite LEGO screenshot of a cave in-game

Do you want to get your hands on this particular crafting material? Read on to see how to get Copper Bars in LEGO Fortnite.

LEGO Fortnite is climbing its way to becoming the best Fortnite game mode. Who would have thought a cozy crafting simulator with LEGO minifigs would be such a success? Well, with the option to make your own village, and craft various items and vehicles, it’s no wonder. Naturally, crafting items requires materials, and crafting better items requires, you guessed it, better materials. Some of them you can only find in certain Biomes, for example. Others you can get by simply wandering around and petting animals. What about Copper Bars? How to get Copper Bars in LEGO Fortnite? Let’s find out.

How to Get Copper Bars?

Getting Copper Bars is pretty straightforward. To do so, unsurprisingly, you need some Copper. You can find Copper in Lava Caves in the Dry Valley Biome. Remember that you can overheat in Lava Caves, so prepare accordingly. Bring along something to keep you cool, like Snowberries, Snowberry Shake, or a Cool-Headed Charm. Also, you need a Rare (Blue) Pickaxe to be able to mine Copper veins. Once inside a Lava Cave, look around for some large orange rocks on walls and ceilings. Whack them with your Rare Pickaxe and they’ll drop some Copper once destroyed. 

Now, as you have some Copper, take it to the Metal Smelter in your Village. If you don’t have one, first, your Village must be at least Level 9. You can craft the Smelter using 15 Brightcores, 35 Obsidian Slabs, and 3 Blast Cores.

Finally, to craft a Copper Bar, you need to combine one Copper and two Brightcores.

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How to Use Copper Bars?

Copper Bars are a crafting material, needed to make some advanced items and tools. Items like Grapplers, Ovens, Large Storage Chests, and Mailboxes.

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