How to Get Marble in LEGO Fortnite? Full Instructions

Fortnite LEGO screenshot of a cave entrance

If you are in need of some Marble, we are here to help. This article explains how to get Marble in LEGO Fortnite.

Are you as excited for LEGO Fortnite as we are? The new game mode for Fortnite has you turned into a LEGO minifig. That’s not all, as the whole map and everything in it has been LEGOfied. With that in mind, LEGO Fortnite is all about creativity. The focus is more on building stuff with friends than shooting other little LEGO dudes. And to build, you’ll need resources. One of those resources is Marble, so let’s see how to get it in LEGO Fortnite.

How to Get Marble in LEGO Fortnite?

Marble in LEGO Fortnite is found in caves. Caves are randomly generated in your world, so you must do a bit of exploring first to find one. Once found, press E (or whatever button is prompted) to enter. Inside, look for white rock clusters on the walls and ceilings. Just wack them with your Pickaxe until destroyed and some marble will drop. It is quite important to note that you will need an Uncommon (Green) Pickaxe to do this.

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How to Craft an Uncommon Pickaxe?

Since an Uncommon Pickaxe is needed to get Marble, here’s how to craft one. First, you need an Uncommon Crafting Bench. You’ll need eight Planks and 3 Shells to upgrade your Crafting Bench to an Uncommon one. Once you have done so, you will need these resources to craft an Uncommon Pickaxe:

  • 3 Bones (obtained by defeating Skeletons)
  • 3 Knotroot Rods (crafted in your Lumber Mill, one Knotroot is needed for one Knotroot Rod)

Once gathered, just go to your Uncommon Crafting Bench and look for the Uncommon (Green) Pickaxe, click on Craft and you’re done. You are now ready to mine for some Marble.

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