How to Find Rollers to Get Shells in LEGO Fortnite? Explained

Fortnite LEGO screenshot of a Roller

Shells are a much-needed resource in LEGO Fortnite, so read this article to see how to get them.

If you were wondering whether a collaboration between Fortnite and LEGO is a good this, we can confirm that it is. LEGO Fortnite is a new game mode, found in the Discover tab, that is more akin to cozy farming simulators than a battle royale shooting game. That said, not everything is farm-related. There are still mobs to fight. There are resources that you can only get by defeating monsters around the world. With that in mind, today’s topic is how to find Rollers to get Shells in LEGO Fortnite. Let’s see.

How to Find Rollers to Get Shells in LEGO Fortnite

To get some Shells, you need to defeat Rollers. Rollers are a crab-like mob that disguises itself to look like rocks. You can recognize them by looking for rocks on the ground that have some plants/flowers/crystals growing out of them. Once you approach them they will jump off the ground and a fight ensues. Be careful as they have a special attack where they curl up in a ball and roll towards you, hence the name. Once defeated, you will get a Shell. Note that to get an item called Sand Shell, you have to find and defeat Sand Rollers. As far as we know, different types of Rollers drop different Items.

Rollers are found in the Grassland biomes, and Sand Rollers are most common in the Desert areas and on the Beach.

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What Are Shells Used For?

Shell is a material used for various purposes in LEGO Fortnite. First, you can eat it to restore some Health and reduce Hunger. Next, you need it to upgrade your Crafting Bench to an Uncommon Crafting Bench. You need three Shells and eight Planks to do so.

Lastly, you must find some Sand Shells in order to upgrade your Uncommon Crafting Bench to a Rare Crafting Bench. It requires 12 Knotroot Rods, 15 Marble Slabs, six Sand Claws (defeat Sand Wolves for these), and three Sand Shells.

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