How Many Biomes Are There in LEGO Fortnite and What Are They? Explained

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Do you want to know how many Biomes are there in LEGO Fortnite? Read on and find out.

LEGO Fortnite quickly became the most popular mode in Fortnite. Fans seem to deviate from the action-packed Battle Royale to a more cozy and relaxed gameplay. And it’s no wonder, as in LEGO Fortnite you can build your village, keep animals and grow crops, visit your friend’s Farm, fight monsters, and more. Moreover, there are various Biomes that you can travel to, and each of them offers different materials and dangers. Just how many Biomes are there in LEGO Fortnite? And what are they? Let’s find out.

How Many Biomes Are There and What Are They?

There are four Biomes in LEGO Fortnite. We will not count Caves as a separate biome, for the purposes of this article. The overland Biomes are:

  • Grasslands
  • Shores
  • Dry Valley
  • Frostlands


The starting Biome, Grasslands offers everything you need to start making your Village. There are a lot of early-game resources around, and the monsters are few. Additionally, with a lot of open spaces, it is the most appealing Biome, for building, taking photos, and everything. Note that it can rain in the Grasslands, so you need an umbrella or a source of warmth, but even that is easily dealt with.

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Another Biome popular for base-building, but way more dangerous. Located near large bodies of water, Shores offer a lot of open space and access to water. You can easily build a boat and park it next to your home if you are looking to sail the high seas often. But, bear in mind that some dangerous monsters are lurking about, like Sand Wolves and Brutes, so maybe it’s not the safest place to be unless you have some high-quality weapons.

Dry Valley

The desert Biome of LEGO Fortnite, this is where you get the best materials. But, it is considered the most dangerous biome, and not because of the monsters wandering about. As in any desert, you can overheat during the day and freeze during the night. So you have to come prepared for both extremes and then start worrying about the monsters. Dry Valley is the home to rare materials and the Lava Caves.


The coldest of the Biomes, so if you have any cooling gear, prepare to let it go. You must be prepared for freezing temperatures, so sources of heat are a must. If you think you can manage that easily, this can be a perfect spot for a cozy winter village, especially during this holiday season. Just beware of the monsters lurking about, like Frost Wolves and Spiders.

Honorable Mention: Caves

Technically not a Biome, but still an important part of LEGO Fortnite, so we will give it a few sentences. Caves are found in every Biome, excluding Shores. Standard Caves are found in the Grasslands, Lava Caves in the Dry Valley, and Frostlands Caves in the Frostlands. Each of these caves is a dangerous place, filled with Skeletons and other monsters, but is also the place where you can find the rarest resources, like Blast Cores in Lava Caves.

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