How to Make Vehicles in LEGO Fortnite – Cars, Boats, and Aircraft

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Want to learn how to make vehicles in LEGO Fortnite? Stick around. We’ve covered the instructions and necessary materials to build cars, boats, and aircraft in the new crafting-survival game mode.

When you’re first starting out in LEGO Fortnite, the new game mode, you’re tasked with building a village for yourself. This will require you to collect a wide variety of materials, which can be used to craft necessary tools and items. That said, you’ll want to construct various types of vehicles to help you traverse the terrain of different biomes and expand your village. No matter the environment, there’s a device that can make travel faster and easier. Here’s how to make basic vehicles in LEGO Fortnite.

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How to Build Vehicles in LEGO Fortnite

There are several basic vehicles that you can make in LEGO Fortnite. Depending on the device you make, travel is made worlds easier under a variety of circumstances. Here’s a look at some of the available means to get around:

  • Car
  • Boat
  • Aircraft

Here is a step-by-step process for each LEGO Fortnite vehicle. You’ll need Flexwood for Dynamic Foundations and Wheels, and Blast Powder and a Torch for Thrusters.

Building a Car

Cars are the simplest vehicles to craft in LEGO Fortnite, so this is the first transportation device you should consider building. That said, even this vehicle has its perks, allowing you to get around quickly and easily. Here’s how to craft a car:

  1. Find a sizeable plot of flat land to serve as a base for your build.
  2. Open your Builds menu and navigate to the Toys section.
  3. Select the Dynamic Foundation from your options.
  4. Place the items on the ground, then arrange the wheels to allow for proper movement. Note that there are two types of wheels: Large Wheels and Small Wheels.
  5. You can change several aspects of your car’s build with the tools in the Toys menu, such as its shape. Adjust each facet to your liking.
  6. Position the Thruster component at the back of the Dynamic Foundation to propel it forward. Note that, just like wheels, there are Small Thrusters and Large Thrusters.
  7. Place the Activation Switch at the front of the Dynamic Foundation. This will allow you to start the car and turn it off.

Once constructed, your car is all set. To drive it, simply hop on its foundation and use the Activation Switch to turn it on and get moving.

Just bear in mind that cars limit your ability to turn. While you could theoretically break your wheels and rebuild them while driving, this isn’t exactly a feasible method to get around. Moreover, cars can’t travel uphill without a Thruster. Because of this, they’re best for traversing straight down sloped areas quickly.

Building a Boat

There are a few ways to build a boat in LEGO Fortnite. First, you can try a basic raft, which consists of a Dynamic Foundation with two Thrusters on one side and an Activation Switch at the front for steering. Simple and efficient.

That said, you can also try putting together a more elaborate boat for optimized transport. While you can opt to change some aspects according to personal preference, here’s a solid boat build:

  1. Again, find a flat plot of land to keep your build in one place.
  2. Open the Builds menu and go to the Toys tab.
  3. Choose Dynamic Foundation, and place two next to each other on the ground.
  4. You’ll want to push both foundations together for this project. This will result in a rectangular base. Make sure they’re connected before you move on.
  5. On one of the long sides of the base, place two Thrusters. One should be positioned on each foundational segment. Ensure they’re placed at the same height and distance to optimize this build.
  6. To help with smooth movement, place one small balloon in each of the four corners. Be careful when placing these items, as they can split the foundation. To avoid this, place the first two balloons diagonally.
  7. Finally, you’ll need a designated space to steer the boat. You can accomplish this by creating an enclosed area with a short wall on either side of the boat. Then add fences at the front and the back where you’ll enter the steering area. This should look like a smaller rectangle inside the foundation.
  8. Be sure to place buttons on either side of the steering area to help you switch directions, along with your Activation Switch at the front.

Building an Aircraft

In LEGO Fortnite, aircraft tend to look more like air balloons of sorts. These devices can help you reach higher ground or fly right over harsh environments. Here’s a great starting build a flying machine:

  1. Find a flat plot of land to start building.
  2. Open your Builds menu and navigate to the Toys tab.
  3. Choose Dynamic Foundation and place it on the ground.
  4. Depending on your personal preferences, you can place two or three thrusters on one side of the foundation. The number primarily affects speed.
  5. Place one Small Balloon in each of the four corners. Alternatively, you could also place a Large Balloon in the center. When you do this, the foundation will begin to rise.
  6. Quickly place an Activation Switch and turn it on to start steering.

Assess your environment to determine which vehicles will be the most useful in each biome you explore. For more on LEGO Fortnite and other game modes, check out these additional guides from our team:


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