Where is the Flairship in Fortnite?

Flairship Blimp in Fortnite

Wondering where the Flairship can be found in Fortnite? You’re in luck. Read on to learn more about the landmark and its in-game location.

Each new season of Fortnite reins in a host of new content from skins to weapons and quests. By utilizing various locations added to the game’s updated map, you can work through the new quests that become available each week to earn rewards and achievements. This keeps things interesting as we make progress in the current season at hand, but it also means that some content will be exhausted once its purpose has been served. This can result in some features being vaulted while others are removed from the game entirely, having provided the resources necessary to complete certain missions. Like Shanty Town, some locations disappear from the map entirely, which may prompt the question: Where is the Flairship in the current season of Fortnite?

Flairship Location in Fortnite

Unfortunately, the Flairship no longer exists in Fortnite, as it was destroyed in the Fracture Live Event well into Chapter 3. Officially classified as a landmark, the Flairship was once located above Seven Outpost VII, though it was not marked on the in-game map because its location shifted. While elusive, the redecorated airship was easily recognized by its vibrant pink and blue graffiti.

In the previous chapter, the Flairship was one of the primary destinations for players looking to complete various weekly quests, several of which tasked you with dancing or emoting atop the airship. Now that Chapter 4 – Season 3 is currently nearing its end, however, the landmark has since served its purpose in the game and is no longer accessible to players at the time of writing. Moreover, it’s unlikely that we’ll see the airship make a comeback in the future, as it was destroyed rather than vaulted.

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