How to Enable Quick Switch in CS2?

Image of the explosion on the Inferno map in Counter-Strike 2 (CS2).

Have you been trying to enable Quick Switch in CS2 but had no luck? Our guide will explain why that is and how you can attempt to fix the issue.

Many players will carry over skills and routines from years of playing CS:GO into Counter-Strike 2. The Valve Corporation’s venerated FPS franchise has released its latest iteration, which marks a direct upgrade from the previous version. However, not everything has been transferred cleanly, and some features are still missing from the new game. For example, Quick Switch which represented a valuable tool for any aimer and most snipers is absent in its old form from CS2. Read our guide to find out why that’s the case and what you can attempt to fix it.

What is Quick Switch in Counter-Strike?

Quick Switch is a custom console command that allows players to quickly switch between their main weapon – usually a sniper rifle like AWP or Deagles – and a lighter weapon, like a knife. This lets them recover quickly after a missed shot or move faster between shots, proving helpful when scouting. It has the added benefit of scoping out more efficiently than by using normal means, which can be crucial when your goal is to survive. Overall, it’s a great alternative to using the mouse to scroll through your weaponry.

Why Quick Switch doesn’t work like in CS:GO?

A lot of CS:GO players transitioning to CS2 have found that their old multi-input keybinds don’t work any more. These had to be set up in the Console Window of CS:GO and in the case of Quick Switch involved setting up multiple actions to a single keyband. However, CS2 doesn’t support multiple actions bound to one key. For that reason, setting up the Quick Switch bind in the new game requires a different approach.

How can you enable Quick Switch in CS2?

The approach to set up a new bind command is similar as before. Open the Console Window (the ‘~’ key on your keyboard) and set up the following command:

  • alias +switchw “slot3”
  • alias -switchw “lastinv”
  • bind “Q” +switchw

This would bind a weapons swap between your last used weapon and your knife (default ‘slot3’) to your Q key, supplanting its usual, similar use. However, this command has had mixed results so far. It seems to work for some players while failing to work for others.

In case this doesn’t work, then you will have to resort to the standard workaround. Instead of a single click accomplishing the Quick Switch effect, you can use the Q key normally. By double-tapping Q, you will swap between your last two used weapons. Similarly, pressing keys 3 and then 1 quickly would have the same effect, though that requires more of an effort.

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