How to Get the Hidden Achievement in Counter Strike 2 – Unlocking A New Beginning

How to Get the Hidden Achievement in Counter-Strike 2

Want to learn how to get the hidden achievement in Counter-Strike 2? Stick around. We’ll cover everything you need to know about unlocking the secret Steam achievement and what it entails.

Counter-Strike 2 finally dropped on September 27, following days of speculation within the CS:GO community. The new title replaces its predecessor’s long list of Steam achievements with just one — and its details are largely kept under wraps until it’s unlocked. You’ll need to play the game to reveal the achievement’s title and tagline. In the process, you’ll find that this may help you earn the mysterious achievement in one fell swoop. Still stumped? Here’s how to get it.

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How to Unlock the Hidden Achievement in CS2

While CS:GO offered up 167 achievements, CS2 sports just one on Steam, and it’s details are hidden until the achievement is unlocked. Once revealed, it’s titled A New Beginning. This is a pretty significant hint in itself. However, its tagline also reads: This is Counter-Strike, too. To spare you the headache of solving this riddle of sorts, you’ll just just to download CS2 and play any kind of match to unlock and earn this achievement.

Note that some players have reported that you will specifically need to make a multikill to unlock this hidden achievement, while others claim playing a match is the only requirement. Whether this discrepancy is a result of a bad game of telephone or a run-of-the-mill glitch, we can’t say for certain. However, many players have now earned this achievement by meeting one or both criteria.

Will CS:GO Achievements Return in CS2?

Valve has not yet made clear whether previously available achievements from CS:GO will make a comeback in CS2. While the Counter-Strike player base is filled to the brim with excitement regarding the partially unexpected release of the new entry, many feel bittersweet about losing their hard-earned achievements from the previous installment. That said, it’s likely that more achievements will be added to CS2 with future updates and patches. For now, players can get started on A New Beginning.

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