Counter Strike 2 Maps – All Maps So Far

All Maps in Counter-Strike 2

Looking for a list of all maps confirmed for Counter-Strike 2? Stick around. We’ll cover every confirmed map so far with descriptions of tiers and more.

Counter-Strike 2 is rumored to arrive soon, though an official release date has not been confirmed by Valve. Even so, the new entry offers up a host of fresh and familiar maps to use to your advantage. Series fans will recognize several maps from CS:GO. However, each has been optimized to better lighting and visuals for smoother gameplay. What’s more, CS2 developers have taken a few different approaches to recreating and improving existing maps, which the team have separated into three tiers: Touchstones, Upgrades, and Overhauls. Here’s a closer look at every map confirmed to appear in the game so far.

Counter-Strike – Xbox
  • Battle throughout the world as either an elite counter-terrorist unit, or a terrorist cell
  • Immersive, intense multiplayer action as you fight through 15 diverse maps(including 7 exclusive to Xbox)
  • New terrorist and counter-terrorist units, with new weapons for wider range of tactics
  • Improve your skills in single player Skirmishes or play co-op matches with friends against AI Bots
  • Strategize and communicate with your friends with the Xbox Live connection

All Confirmed Maps in Counter-Strike 2

Dust II

Dust II Map Counter-Strike 2
Image via Valve

Dust II has been a staple map since the inception of Counter-Strike. In CS2, the map has been fully optimized with better lighting and general upgrades. This is a great example of what the development team calls a Touchstone map, remaining virtually the same apart from major lighting improvements.


Mirage Map Counter-Strike 2
Image via Valve

First introduced in the Cyberathlete Professional League, the Mirage map has become a key map in Counter-Strike. This remains true in CS2, where Mirage has received major upgrades to lighting and visuals. The team has also classified this map as a Touchstone.


Train Map Counter-Strike 2
Image via Valve

The Train map is making a comeback after its transfer to the Reserve Map Pool back in 2021. This returning map is also categorized as a Touchstone, receiving myriad aesthetic improvements. Apart from the quality of its look, everything else about the map remains the same.


Nuke Map Counter-Strike 2
Image via Valve

Nuke is well-loved by competitive players. In the community, this map has served as a cornerstone for quite some time. That said, Nuke is classified as an Upgrade in CS2. This refers to more significant improvements made to its appearance, with the addition of new textures and lighting.


Overpass Map Counter-Strike 2
Image via Valve

While the Overpass map appeared in CS:GO, it has received some serious changed in CS2. Categorized as an Overhaul map, Overpass was entirely rebuilt. Players will notice differences in visual aspects, like lighting and texture, as well as structural and gameplay changes.


Inferno Map Counter-Strike 2
Image via Valve

Inferno has been around since the dawn of Counter-Strike. It’s set to appear in CS2, further classified as an Overhaul map. Again, this map has been completely rebuilt from the bottom up, receiving significant improvements to texture, lighting, and overall gameplay.


Ancient Map Counter-Strike 2
Image via Valve

Ancient is a relatively new introduction to Counter-Strike, and it’s set to appear in CS2. The map replaced Aztec in many ways, which didn’t go over well with fans of the series. However, some pretty significant visual and textural changes have been made in CS2, where the map is classified as an Upgrade.


Vertigo Map Counter-Strike 2
Image via Valve

Vertigo appeared in the Limited Test beta for CS2, and it’s set to remain in the finished game. Like staple maps, Vertigo is categorized as a Touchstone. Little to no changes have been made to its overall gameplay. However, players will notice improved lighting throughout.


Anubis Map Counter-Strike 2
Image via Valve

Although it’s a relatively recently addition to the selection of competitive maps in CS:GO, Anubis is now classified as an Upgrade in CS2. Players will see more significant changes to texture and lighting, as well as minor structural differences, like flowing water.


Baggage Map Counter-Strike 2
Image via Valve

The Baggage map is back in CS2. This fan-favorite map first appeared in the Arms Race mode for CS:GO and is now classified as an Upgrade. Greater lighting, textural, and structural details will appear throughout, while gameplay will remain largely the same.

Additional Maps in Counter-Strike 2

While each of the previously detailed maps are well-known by the Counter-Strike player base, additional maps are set to appear in CS2. Little is known about these maps, which Valve has included in the game file. Here’s a closer look at each map.


Italy Map Counter-Strike 2
Image via Valve


Office Map Counter-Strike 2
Image via Valve


Shoots Map Counter-Strike 2
Image via Valve


Lake Map Counter-Strike 2
Image via Valve


Canals Map Counter-Strike 2
Image via Valve


Shortdust Map Counter-Strike 2
Image via Valve

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