Counter Strike 2 Players Frustrated With Forfeit Games

Operatives in front of the weird waves in Counter-Strike 2

Counter-Strike 2 (CS2) has been hinted to be officially rolling out sometime soon, though as of writing, the long-awaited game sequel is still on a so-called limited test. Players who have tried playing it have high hopes about the upcoming first-person shooter, but are pretty much frustrated with the Counter Strike 2 forfeit feature.

Counter Strike 2 Forfeit Feature Catches the Ire of Players

A player recently took to the CS2 subreddit to detail his experience while playing the game. According to Reddit user MrBrohemith, he’s “had more quits in CS2 than in 2k hours of CSGO.” He added that he had a “time believing that this isn’t a flaw and that there is a benefit to having 1/10 people deciding the game is done.” The OP went to request to have the feature fixed.

This created quite the discussion among members of the aforementioned subreddit. There’s one player (u/JayTea08) who commented that this has been the penchant of most players whenever a game is put on open beta. He further explained that once CS2 is officially rolled out and is “a bit more mature,” occurrences of game forfeits will likely be trimmed substantially. The OP seconded such a comment adding that the issue lies in the first-round forfeits.

Other Players Detailing Their Game Experience in CS2’s Limited Test

Another member of the subreddit revealed the time they played CS2 where they got pitted against a couple of players. The player stated that they lost the initial pistol round (round where they only have to use pistols) adding that their opponents don’t have the slightest idea how the Anubis – which is a bomb defusal map – works. The players that went up against them even deemed them as “sh*t players.”

Despite the hiccups these players have experienced during CS2’s Limited Test iteration, it still remains one of the most anticipated games in 2023. In line with this, it is expected of Valve to polish out the above-mentioned flaws by the time the FPS sequel goes live.

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