Is Counter Strike 2 Cross Platform? – Answered

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Trying to find out about if Counter Strike 2 is cross platform? Then you have come to the right place.

Counter Strike 2, is Valve’s latest game to feature the ongoing fight between terrorists and counter-terrorist teams. The game will be taking over the previous Counter Strike: Global Offensive, but will the rebranded title feature cross platform play and save? This guide will show players whether the new game will have cross platform multiplayer and progression.

Does CS2 Support Cross Platform Play?

There is no cross platform multiplayer in Counter Strike 2. The simple reason for this omitted feature is that the game is only launching for PC on Steam. Cross platform multiplayer would only make sense if the game was available for multiple, different platforms such as PlayStation or Xbox.

The Counter Strike franchise has steadily remained a PC-only series with a few exceptions. The original Counter-Strike was ported to the original Xbox, while Counter Strike: Global Offensive was released for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 alongside the PC version.

The latter was planned to get cross platform multiplayer play across all supported platforms, but was dropped in order to focus more on the PC version of the game. Support for the console versions of CSGO was eventually discontinued.

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Does Counter Strike 2 Support Cross Platform Progression?

Since the game does not have cross platform multiplayer, Counter Strike 2 will also not support cross platform progression. This feature would allow players to transfer their progress and stats from one system to another, and vice-versa, but the game is only available on PC. There is no point in the feature if the game is not available anywhere else to transfer to.

So, that is everything to know about if CS2 is cross platform. For other helpful Counter Strike 2 guides, be sure to check out Everything we know about Counter Strike 2, Is Counter Strike 2 Free To Play?, and Is Counter Strike 2 on Android?


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