Everything we know about Counter-Strike 2 – Trailer and Release Window Prediction

Image of the CS2 promo banner.

Valve is a company that is likely best known for Steam, the predominant gaming platform on PC. However, a close second is its resoundingly amazing library of first-party games. Finally, in third place is likely the studio’s radio silence regarding game development. Players are in for a treat today as Valve has just announced Counter-Strike 2.

Here’s what we know.

When does Counter Strike 2 come out?

As is usually the case with newly announced titles, there isn’t a concrete release date. Instead, players can expect Counter-Strike 2 sometime in Summer 2023.

What platforms will Counter-Strike 2 release on?

Nothing has been confirmed at the moment, but since Counter Strike 2 is being developed by Valve, its launching on PC through Steam is a guarantee. While the original did get ported to Mac, Linux, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360, it took several years to a decade, depending on the platform. So, while it might make sense to release the highly-anticipated title on current-gen consoles, it might take some time before that happens.

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New features in Counter-Strike 2

  • Sub-ticks: Instead of predetermined intervals where actions are mapped, ticks, servers will register actions as they happen, which can sometimes make all the difference.
  • Maps: With three different iterations of maps, players can relive their favorite experiences with maps they know and love. Combined with the improvements of Source Engine 2, those same maps are getting a new lease on life.
  • Smoke Grenades: Thanks to the new engine, smoke grenades are better than ever. Smoke will volumetrically fill spaces, be impacted by bullets and grenades, and dissipate as players interact with it.

Counter-Strike 2 trailers

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