The Release of CS2 Introduces Weekly Drops to Overjoyed Fans

Image of the explosion on the Inferno map in Counter-Strike 2 (CS2).

It’s no secret in gaming that CS:GO drops were among the most lucrative ways for people to make and spend money. Those coveted cases and skins could easily go for several hundred dollars and in some cases even thousands. With the release of CS2, that tradition lives on, but with more targeted ways of picking your rewards, due to the new weekly drop system. Players have quickly taken to the new model, celebrating the idea of having some choice in what they get.

Launch of CS2 brings weekly drops, delighting fans

Counter-Strike players have been ecstatic about the new Weekly Care Package system in CS2. This system allows players to pick between four choices of loot when they level up once per week, instead of the old system in which they got a random drop. This means they can get items like cases, weapon skins, and graffiti, and then pick two of them they want the most. However, the system is randomised, so there’s no guarantee what you’ll be able to pick from.

However, this level-up system counts only one time per week, so you have to make your choices count. The rewards can then be claimed through CS’s refreshed Store, conveniently found right next to the Market. So no more tabbing to and from Steam to post your latest finds. 

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Many players have come out in support of the new system, though some aren’t happy about the randomness. Still, it seems better than before and the consensus in the player base has been positive overall. Players are excited to level up in CS2 and get their Weekly Care Package, always hoping for something rare and expensive. In the case of cases (pun intended), there is always the option of choosing between opening them or selling on the Steam Market.

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