Automatic Update from CS:GO to CS2 makes the game unplayable for Mac players

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With the transition from CS:GO to Counter-Strike 2, many things remained the same, yet some have changed. This is the case with Mac support, which is currently unavailable as a platform to play CS2. Curiously, players used to be able to play CS:GO on their Macs without issue, and with the update option converting the old game into CS2, their games became suddenly unplayable. This made many players question what is the reasoning behind this, so let’s dig in and discuss the issue.

Players confused with CS:GO converting to CS2, making the game unplayable on Mac

The compatibility issue between CS2 and Mac has been known for a while, yet players find it frustrating that the game launched with such a restriction nonetheless. One player spotlighted the problem in a Reddit thread. Redditor MrClassicT explained that due to automatic updates, his previously playable CS:GO updated to CS2, rendering the game unplayable on Mac.

Other users also joined in the discussion, many having faced the same issue. On the other hand, some Redditors wondered what Mac players would even do with CS:GO still installed. But that’s simple, because while CS:GO servers may be down, community servers can still operate, as well as bots and workshop maps.

There may be a stop-gap solution, however. Going into game properties in Steam launcher, it looks like you can select the Betas tab and select the version that lets you play an older version through Demo Viewer. There are mixed and conflicting reports about this feature, so it’s as yet unconfirmed if it even fully functions.

Players wonder why CS2 isn’t on MacOS?

Players are quick to blame Valve for their issues with CS2 on Mac. However, the problem lies squarely with Apple. Mac’s parent company is notoriously glacial when it comes to compatibility of any kind. They prefer their proprietary software and hardware for their platforms, so getting anything compatible takes a long time. It’s a testament that CS:GO was available in the first place and breathes hope that CS2 will eventually be as well. Mac enthusiasts will simply have to be patient and wait. 

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