CS2 Prime Status: What is it and is it Worth it?

Image of the Counter-Terrorist spawn area on Inferno in CS2.

You’ve installed CS2 and now you’re wondering what’s this Prime Status staring at you and is it even worth it? Don’t worry, we’ll explain everything about Prime Status and what it means.

Many new players coming to Counter-Strike 2 were wondering if they could get the game for free. This was quickly alleviated when they were introduced to the game in their Steam launchers. However, while the base game is free to play, there was an option to buy something called Prime Status for a fee. If you’re unsure what that is and if it’s worth getting it in CS2, then keep reading this guide.

CS2 Prime Status, Explained

While CS2 is free to install and play, that means everyone can do it. This includes a large number of bad actors, like cheaters and hackers. The Prime Status, with a fee attached to it, should alleviate some of those issues because it would require those players to re-buy it every time after a perma-ban.

But that’s not all that Prime Status brings. Along with preferential matchmaking, this perk allows you to start queueing into Ranked games. The competitive side of CS2 is locked behind the Prime Status in an attempt to ensure a fair playing field.

Moreover, having Prime Status makes your account eligible to receive a Weekly Care package, which lets players choose from among random cosmetic items and cases. With this status, you’ll be able to earn XP towards these perks and receive Service Medals.

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Can you inherit Prime Status from CS:GO?

If you’ve been playing CS:GO before it was updated to CS2 and had Prime Status in that game, then you’re in luck. Your Prime Status from CS:GO fully transfers to CS2. To check if you have Prime Status, go to the Play menu and on the matchmaking screen, check the top-left side of your screen. If you see the green Prime icon, that means you have Prime Status enabled.

If you’ve transferred your Prime Status from CS:GO to CS2, you will not only carry over the status itself but will also earn the CS:GO Music Kit and get the Global Offensive Badge.

Image of the CS:GO Music Kit in CS2.
Screenshot by N4G Unlocked
Image of the Global Offensive badge in CS2.
Screenshot by N4G Unlocked

Is Prime Status Worth it in CS2?

Prime Status makes Counter-Strike 2 a vastly different experience compared to playing without it. The games are much more fair and interesting, and all the extra perks are icing on top. Therefore, acquiring the Prime Status in CS2 is absolutely worth it. It will make your time playing CS2 much more worthwhile. On top of that, you’ll become eligible to receive cosmetic drops, which you can then keep, equip or sell on the Market.

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