Does Counter Strike 2 Have Controller Support?

Counter-Strike 2 gameplay

Looking to find out about if Counter Strike 2 has controller support? Then you have come to the right place.

Counter Strike 2 has finally been released on PC earlier this week. The previous game in the franchise, Counter Strike: Global Offensive, offered controller support when it first released a decade ago. Will the sequel continue to support controllers, or are new players stuck with having to learn keyboard and mouse for this first-person shooter? This guide will show players whether CS2 does have controller support.

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Is There Controller Support in CS2?

The simple answer is yes, Counter Strike 2 does support controllers such as the Xbox controller and the PlayStation DualShock. While the game is a sequel to Counter Strike: Global Offensive, it is also an update that replaced the original game. CS:GO also had controller support and released for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 alongside PC in 2012.

However, players have been reporting that the controller support in CS2 does not work as intended and can be broken. While Counter Strike has traditionally been played with a keyboard and mouse, it is unfortunate that these issues are present at launch.

How To Fix Controller Issues in CS2

Those that are experiencing controller issues in Counter Strike 2 will simply have to wait for Valve to patch the game and fix the issues. There are no second-hand fixes for it currently, as the game just launched on September 27.

Steam Deck users are also reporting poor performance for the game on the portable system, so players should just stick to the normal PC setup until Valve irons out all the issues after launch.

So, that is everything to know about if Counter Strike 2 has controller support. For other helpful Counter Strike 2 guides, be sure to check out Everything we know about Counter-Strike 2Is Counter-Strike 2 Free To Play?, and Is Counter Strike 2 Cross Platform?


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