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Top Ten Android Kickstarters of September

793 days ago - Ian DeMartino of GameWoof looks back on the top ten Android Kickstarters (and one IndieGoGo) projects launched this past month. | Article | Android


Exclusive: ChaosTrend Releases First Details and Screens For Solar Escape

798 days 7 hours ago - ChaosTrend, an up and coming mobile developer that recently released Super JetPack Penguin on Android, which scored quite well here at GameWoof, ha... | News | iPhone


Ouya Changes Free The Games Fund Rules After Shutting Down Two More Projects

798 days 17 hours ago - The Android-powered gaming console OUYA has announced a new set of guidelines and rules for game developers wanting to qualify for its Free the Gam... | News | Android


Every Android Kickstarter of September (so far) | Android Kickstarter Wrapup

800 days 4 hours ago - Ian DeMartino of GameWoof gives a break down of every Android supported Kickstarter and breaks them down into three categories according to their w... | Article | Android


HotLiked - What the Internet is talking about right now

Now - Kill some time at HotLiked.com. You will regret it... | Promoted post

2D Action MMORPG Excalibur Released onto Google Play

800 days 7 hours ago - Ian DeMartino of GameWoof writes "Excalibur: Knights of the King has been released in BETA form in the Google Play Marketplace. The 2D action RPG i... | News | Android


Kill Some Moon Nazis in Iron Sky: Invasion, Available Now on Google Play

800 days 15 hours ago - The Iron Sky movie was, by any measure, a mess of a film that emphasized style over substance. It nevertheless has gained a cult following and its... | News | Android


What Happens if Master Chief had to save Mushroom Kingdom? GameStar looks to tell the story.

801 days 20 hours ago - A new project has appeared on that “other” crowd surfing site, IndieGoGo, called GameStar, and it looks to be something we have never seen before.... | News | PC


Sci-Fi Heroes Review | GameWoof

801 days 21 hours ago - Ian DeMartino of GameWoof writes "When I first downloaded Sci-Fi Heroes, it was unplayable. Since making the jump from console games to mobile game... | Review | Android


Expendables Rearmed Review | GameWoof

804 days 1 hour ago - The original Expendable for the Dreamcast and PC was a twin stick shooter before twin stick shooters existed, or better yet, it was the precursor t... | Review | Android


Android Kickstarter Wrapup | Biggest Android Kickstarter updates

804 days 13 hours ago - Ian DeMartino of Gamewoof writes "The thing about Kickstarters is that they are a work in progress, as such, developers are constantly putting out... | Article | Android


IndieCade Announces Finalists for 2013, Includes Five Android Games

804 days 16 hours ago - The finalists for the IndieCade 2013 Festival, “the largest Independent Games Festival in the Nation” has announced the finalists for their Red Car... | News | Android


Perfect World Games Moves into Mobile Markets Four Titles Announced

806 days 15 hours ago - Perfect World Games, the mega-successful publisher of hits like Star Trek: Online and Torchlight II has announced that they are throwing their hat... | News | iPhone


Blastron Review | GameWoof

807 days 6 hours ago - Worms holds a special place in a large group of gamer’s hearts. The side scrolling turn based strategy game has been around forever and has seen it... | Review | Android


RedLynx Releases Details on Trials Frontier for “Mobile Devices”

808 days 11 hours ago - Today RedLynx, the developer behind the critically acclaimed Trails series let loose some details about a mobile version previously announced at e3... | News | iPhone


Top Ten [Android] Kickstarters of August

813 days 22 hours ago - GameWoof gives the top ten Android Supported Kickstarters that launched in the month of August. It was such a great month for Android Kickstarters... | Article | Android


G5′s Summer Sale Continues with 20 Games up to 70% off

815 days 5 hours ago - GameWoof has reported in the past about G5′s Bulky Pixel Summer Sale, but this week they have gone over the top. G5 has put over 20 games on sale f... | News | iPhone


Astro Boy Dash Review | GameWoof

816 days 2 hours ago - Ian DeMartino of GameWoof writes "To be honest, I never really liked AstroBoy. I’m not exactly sure why; maybe its that stupid haircut or that the... | Review | Android


Bunny Skater Review | GameWoof

816 days 3 hours ago - Bunny Skater is yet another stage based runner that has enjoyed some success on the Google Play Marketplace. Players control a bunny who looks like... | Review | Android


Banzai Surfer Review | GameWoof

816 days 3 hours ago - 2D endless runners are coming out on the Google Play Marketplace at an accelerating pace. Banzai Surfer is a new addition to the genre and it stand... | Review | Android


The Conduit HD Review | GameWoof

816 days 3 hours ago - The Conduit was originally released on the Wii back in 2008 and received a wide range of reviews, being called everything from “[the] most fully re... | Review | Android


Mad Max (PS4) Review

Now - Justin checks out Avalanche Studios latest creation. | Promoted post
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