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Dr. Who Legacy Coming to Mobile Devices

Dr. Who has been around for quite sometime, in fact later this month the BBC sci-fi dramatic series will be turning 50. As any fan of the doctor surely already knows by now the BBC has a huge celebration planned for the show’s “golden” anniversary, with a special episode screening that will air across 75 different countries and in 3D at select theaters across the U.K.

The Time Lord is getting further treatment however, with a new game, announced on the @DrWhoLegacy twitter profile, for mobile devices called, you guessed it, Dr. Who: Legacy. Little is known about the game, only one screenshot has been released and the release date is the usual vague “coming soon” but the timing of the announcement has led some to believe that it will be released on the exact 50th anniversary, which is November 23rd. (Android, Dr Who Legacy, iPad, iPhone)

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