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"David Cage is dedicated, imean patching the game before it releases."

Lol, that doesn't mean he is dedicated to his game. Modern Warfare 2 had a patch on release day, and look how that turned out. And before you say "well this one actually fixes it" (because I know some of you will), how do you know? You would just be guessing.

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My rank hasn't changed though. I'm fairly sure I have my psn id linked with ea, and it gives me the following message after I enter my psn id and press submit:
This game is already claimed. Your BFBC Vet rank has been updated.>

Yet my rank is still on zero. Any ideas?

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And yet the retarted cousin still has better games :)

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"It's funny how BC2 is getting so much hype as a result despite BC1 not getting any when COD4 was around."

That's what kind of pisses me off about this site. BC1 was great, and is still very similar to BC2, yet no one ever appreciated it or gave it the respect it deserved. The only reason people (on this site) are paying attention to BC2, is because they hate MW2 with a passion and will look wherever they can to find a game that they can use in an argument to express ...

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So hackers are removing other os? Hmm, I thought Sony was removing it. Weird, I didn't know hackers had the ability to remove other os from other peoples systems.

(saying that Sony is forced to because of hackers is bullsh*t, they aren't forced to do any such thing)

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Well all of you claiming that piracy is "stealing" must also call yourselves thieves if you have ever gone to someones house to watch a movie or have ever let a friend borrow a movie. Think about that before you be hypocrites.

It's not stealing if what was there in the first place is still in tact. It may not be the right thing to do, but it is certainly not stealing. Here is a graph for you slower thinking people out there to demonstrate:

Very informative video. I never knew that the select button did anything other than show the scoreboard when you hold it.

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There are only 8 (9 now I think, plus the 2 coming today would make 11) maps, most of which are small. Plus the most basic and unimaginative weapons are why I don't play the multiplayer mode. AK47, RPG, M4, Desert Eagle, Dragonuv, and the crappy FAL burst assault rifle seem like they were just sticking to the very basics. The Ak47's recoil and cross hair spread is horrible and just too widened out to have any fun killing people with, by the time you actually do finally get the kill, the cr...

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Naughty Dog's Nathan Drake did not coin the phrase "karma's a b*tch", so you can just put the phrase there without the useless video game reference. -me

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Bad Company 2 would be one of the few shooters that would actually benefit from perks. People say how battlefield is so realistic, yet you can unload more than half of your clip onto an enemy and they will still be standing. Stopping power and sleight of hand would be good in BC2, though they could make it to where having perks such as that would decrease something like accuracy or movement speed.

Bad company would benefit from SOME perks.

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I absolutely hate pc controls. I've tried to bring myself to enjoy the controls, but I just can't (no it's not because I suck, it's because it doesn't feel like I'm playing a game, it feels like I'm running an application or doing work). Plus, you don't really get any force feedback on pc games. Sure you can buy a mouse or that one suit thing that has it, but it's either overpriced, or just a piece of sh*t.

I know you can use a 360 controller, but I prefer the ps3 controller. ...

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"i wonder what excuse a certain group of people will use now to downplay HR now that big game journalist are giving it good scores like all the other sites. : )"

An opinion?

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He's not saying mods are useless; just this one.

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Someone seems a bit insecure. Perhaps you are over compensating for lack of good games on your favored console (well besides Mass Effect of course, because you haven't had a good game in years before it).

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"What purpose does that serve to try and lecture and nag gamers into being understanding or being supportive of gays, stop trying to force acceptance from people."
-Uhh, to have people accept other people regardless of their differences maybe?

"And keep that pc bs out of my games, i want fun, not f&cking politics and religion."
-Got it. So no dante's inferno, god of war 3, or any mythology based games, because they have religion in them.

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Does everything have to have single player?

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Post a similar article about a ps3 exclusive such as UC2, KZ2, or MGS4. I guarantee you the comments section will just say "this article is stupid" without even reading it. Go ahead, try it. In fact, just search n4g for some previous articles, there are already some on here.

Do not question whether or not he has read the article if you also do not question the moronic comments shown on an article criticizing a ps3 exclusive. To the comment...

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As long as it's not like Metal Gear Solid 4's install system, it's fine. I wouldn't have even minded MGS4's install times if it would have actually STAYED ON THE F*CKING HARD DRIVE even after you have completed it, so you don't have to install it again if you want to play it again. Hell, it would have even been preferable to add on some extra time to the already long ass introductory install rather than install before every chapter.

They didn't think that one through. Hopeful...

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Because the average consumer is an idiot.

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