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Then buy a f*cking subscription to gameinformer and get off the internet. Everyone has an opinion, and everyone has a right to share it. To anyone that says otherwise, I say f*ck off.

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Great deal of the moment. The game is pretty solid in the ratings, and it's kind of interesting. 5.98 for a brand new (also pretty decent) game, now you can't pass on that.

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Old Wizard's top 5 requirements for a good game.

1. Must have been made 10+ years ago
2. Has to be from Nintendo
3. Must be 2 dimensional
4. Cannot be mature
5. Has to include a plumber

This guy just thinks he is superior to everyone else because the only games he plays are from the 90's or earlier. Rejecting anything new and limiting yourself to old games does not make you cool, nor does it make you a "real" gamer, Old Wizard. And t...

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Good luck paying 50$(or w/e the hell it is) a year just to get a download 5 minutes faster.

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"I reckon the worst culprits do it so that they have good stats and can show they have achieved something in life, maybe because they fail in real life."

Tell us more, Mr. Freud.

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Stand back everybody!

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So you think he's making it up? Or are you just mad that it showed up on this site? If my ps3 f*cked up and had to pay 150 bucks to fix it, I'd be pissed off and complain about it on the internet too. The only difference is that more people listen to him than they do to the average joe.

Ugh, I don't understand the fanboys on this site. One week, HHG is a good, biased site with a preference towards ps3, which people on this site love, and praise HHG for their point of view (si...

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Well you don't really notice the death animation of an enemy when you're battling like 5 others at a time, so animation ingame while you are in a battle, isn't that important to me. I thought the helgahst animations were good, but they never really stood out to me and made me go "wow".

I don't know, maybe I'm just one of the few who doesn't care about over complex physics (that you don't really notice) that don't really make that much of a difference when it comes to e...

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Enlighten me, how does someone's movie taste make their game taste pointless?

Games and movies aren't that different these days. And if you like Grindhouse, then your taste in quality as a whole, just sucks, and you have no room to talk bad about anything.

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The fact that your username is based off of a character in one of the most sh*ttiest films of all time, means you have no room to call anything awful.

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"COD4 was horribly in Balance!"

I agree, CoD4 was pretty balanced.

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You're calling him a loser while you spend your time posting comments onto a gaming discussion website with an article about someone you don't even like or care about? Wow, you must be a real winner.

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I do.

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Where did you download it from? Please post a link.

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Yeah they are pretty fun. Anybody go to the one in Austin last year and see that guy fail and embarrass himself at space invaders? Don't yell to go up on stage if you aren't a real gamer, lol.

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You think that predicting and commenting "watch [so and so] disagree" makes your statement true, and that anyone who disagrees with you is deluded? Ugh, I hate smugginess.

They will be better than Killzone 2. 60fps and the already gorgeous graphics combined that will be improved in the second game will definitely be better than Killzone 2. The Multiplayer was practically perfect, I don't see how they could make it any better.

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"Funny, i've played all of those games... and MGS4 is better then all of them."

Funny, I didn't know you are the person that makes peoples opinions for them.

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I liked the title before :'(

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