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The call of duty games are skill simulators. That's why (except for mw2) they're so fun: is that the game gives you the feeling of being a badass. Looking at your score in the end and thinking "damn, I did pretty good!". Of course there is no real skill involved in the game, but they're fun (not mw2), and isn't that why we play games? For fun?

I feel sorry for you elitists that can ONLY have fun with tactical shooters. I can have fun with both C...

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"If thats not fishing for hits I don't know what is."

Yeah, because someone who has a different opinion than you is only doing it for hits.


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13. Steam and digital distribution, something that consoles borrowed from PC. - Uh, how again does borrowing ideas make pc better than consoles?
14. Being able to play a game with more than 16 players LAGFREE - Don't know what games you're playing, but I'm playing 30+ players, and more than that with todays small maps would be too chaotic.
15. Online spoken community (X-fire, Ventrilo, IRC, teamspeak) - Who are usually douchebags, as that's where people with ...

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delete comment

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*N4G doesn't allow more than 4000 characters, so I have to post this as more than one comment*

1. kb/m - If you're claiming it's better than a gamepad, then you're an idiot. Control preferences are completely subjective.
2. I can build a bigger and better rig, and your console will always stay the same - Sorry, but I don't really want a BIGGER console. My console may stay the same, but there is no reason to give a crap about specs when us console...

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Old. This video review was up like 2 days ago.

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Not everyone can afford to place money in their faith in a game. Believe it or not, there are some of us that cannot buy every game we are interested in, so we have to wait for multiple opinions before we decide to just go throw our money at something. Buying a game without looking at reviews doesn't automatically make you a real gamer, it just makes you a fool who doesn't do enough research on the quality of the game, so you're little "signed, a rea...

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Lost Planet 2 has a 75 on metacritic at the moment. I would hardly call that sucking. 75 only sucks for fanboys who don't care about gaming and only give a sh*t about review scores. The fact is, you CAN'T call out the quality of a game (credibly anyway) before it has been released that has at least a metacritic score in the 70's. You simply look like a moron.

But from the sound of your last post, all you give a crap about is review ...

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May 21st? Damnit! I thought it was May 18!

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@Nicholas Cage

What are you, 12? What in the hell went through your mind that made you think a "priceless" joke was funny? Or even insulting for that matter? Please, just stop commenting, you are only an embarrassment to yourself.

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Hopefully we can get a palm pre version.

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Metal Gear Solid

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Damnit, accidentally hit disagree.

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No game is perfect.

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But haven't you heard Absolut_Turkey? It makes them sooo cool!

Obvious /s

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MGS4's story was good for a games story, but was about as deep and intriguing as a b movie action flick.

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They missed the most important one. Do away with matchmaking completely and send it back to the original gears style of a server list.

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"lets compare metacritic scores"

And that is where you lost all credibility and made it public to n4g how much of an idiot you are. Don't feel bad though, you're among many others just as stupid as you.

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*Obligatory comment proclaiming pc as the superior platform and ego filled explanation of why people who play on pc are better people than those who play on consoles*

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Except play Killzone 2, Uncharted 2, inFamous, LittleBigPlanet, God of War 3, Resistance 1 & 2, Ratchet and Clank FToD & ACiT. The best games of this generation: only on ps3.

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