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@aebriscoejr - in response to your 2nd point

They should also send us asian hookers covered in whip cream.

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Just take Killzone 2's design/graphics + Call of Duty 4's buttery smooth 60fps controls and you have the best fps ever created.

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Maybe he thinks that 8.7 is a generous score and doesn't subscribe to everyones definition of an AAA, which is a 9+?

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Video Games Live!

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On this website, it's because it's not a ps3 exclusive. That's why.

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No, not really. This articles degree count just shows that the majority of n4g users are little kids.

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I don't think it's really fair to compare any of them. Killzone 2 goes for a gritty, grey more realistic approach. Uncharted is going for more of the tropical paradise environment. God of War has always gone for the fire/hell kind of look. And all three are kings of their graphical categories.

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I agree that those moments were emotionally gripping at the time, but the feeling never stuck for me. MGS4 came out average for me. I'm a very negative person :'(

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I'm not saying that directly towards you, I'm saying it to everyone that agreed with you, and if you had happened to have done what I was talking about, then it would be for you as well. But if you say that YOU haven't, I believe you. I cannot say the same for some of the other n4g goers.

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Do you care about what reviewers think if they say only good things about the game? On this site, whenever KZ2 gets a good score, people cheer and continue to praise the game, using reviews as proof that Killzone 2 is a good game. Yet when a negative review comes along, the citizens of N4G get all up in arms shouting "reviews don't matter". Obviously reviews DO matter to the majority of the n4g people, otherwise they would post the same "reviews don't matter" post, on t...

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You guys are hypocrites. What happened to "reviews don't matter"? Some of you are saying "this review is going against the other reviews that gave it a 9+". So you DO care about reviews then. Well, from this moment on, let it be known that n4g ps3 fanboys DO care about reviews, and that it does affect their opinion of the game (don't lie and tell me it doesn't).

The game does deserve the 9's and 10's it's getting by the way.

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^^^ What dylz said.

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"how is this bad news for me (40gb owner) doesnt the author know you can switch out the hard drives?"

It is bad news because you have to pay the price of a game or more just so you can continue playing games on a console. Consoles were supposed to be the saviors of game installs found on the pc, yet it seems more and more that consoles are becoming like pc's. Bottom line is, you shouldn't have to pay an extra fee to keep playing games on your ps3.

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You actually didn't want them to? They have a sh*t ton of money, and history has proven with sh*tty games like Halo 3, that marketing is everything when it comes to sales. They could have boosted their sales sky high, or at least raised awareness about the game.

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Hmm, I don't like this review. It has to be taken down, I don't like it. I demand it. N4G, you have to take it down, because I do not like it, and it does not conform to my opinion. It's obvious that the reviewer hasn't even played this game, blah blah, b*tch, b*tch. TAKE THIS ONE DOWN NOW, I DON'T LIKE IT! YOU TOOK THIS ONE DOWN BECAUSE WE DIDN'T LIKE IT, NOW YOU HAVE TO TAKE THIS O...

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"Theres always on site that submits a review purely to drag the meta score down, goddamn them."

Oh yeah, it couldn't possibly be because someone has a differing opinion than you. You people that call reviewers stupid when they give a game a different score than you wanted need to shut the f*ck up. It's their opinion, get over it. It's what THEY thought of the game, not you. They didn't like it, fine, but they should not be called stupid when they don't think EXACTLY...

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Anyone not with the flying spaghetti monster, is against him, and you will burn in an even worse place than hell if you do not believe in him. It's called SUPER HELL! And the meatball devil will deceive you into thinking that the fsm isn't real, and that you just have to be a good person and believe in the fsm to get into ragu heaven. Everything is Flying Spaghetti Monster against the Meatball Devil, and everyone picks a side. The ultimate fanboys.


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Yeah, it's only americans that don't like that aspect of the game. It couldn't possibly be that people judge games based on their opinion, it definitely has to be an issue based on where someone is from.

F*ck off you biggoted a*hole.

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Which is why I wont be buying Fallout 3. I was considering it, but knowing that Bethesdas poor lack of ps3 support, I just don't think I can shell out money for a company that isn't willing to give everyone who bought the game something so simple as a patch.

I refuse to support a company that lazy/greedy etc.

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