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"It's official, infamous>prototype"

Opinions are not official, but yes, you're right.

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Yeah, don't change it too much. The design is the only reason I keep coming back to this fanboy infested rat's nets of a web site.

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It's a festivus miracle!

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You're paying 40 bucks for an HDMI cable?


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Now that's how to make a trailer!

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"I bought my 360 for gaming...not facebook and"

Lol, you bought a 360 for gaming?

/sorry, had to

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"Even so, inFamous is the FIRST open world game to even have a demo"

Uh, no. Saint's Row had a demo.

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I think the graphics are superb. It has it's own unique look, and is just amazing (for me) to look at, and that's coming from someone who has played KZ2 and Uncharted.

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If you really don't like the game, or actually think it's average, then fine. But don't hate it just because it's the popular thing. That makes you a douchebag.

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You got 21 disagrees for stating your opinion. And I'm betting you lost quite a bit of bubbles as well. I wouldn't go to the comments section if I were you, it's only full of idiots and trolls. If you want real gaming discussion while still on this site, then go to the forums.

All you will get here in the comments is "PS3 is perfect, Xbox 360 sucks and has no GAMEZZZ!!!11.... Red ring of Death!!". Personally, I just go here to piss the fanboys off. It's rather quit...

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Old Wizard is one of the worst gaming sites (if it can even be called that) on the internet.

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The only game in the series you had to be "intelligent" for was the second game. So long as you paid attention, it wasn't really that hard of a game to grasp. So stop being a smug douchebag and thinking that you are of some sort of higher intelligence because you like a particular game. I hate to tell you this, but liking a smart game does not make you smart.

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At least he didn't die playing in the mediocrity known as Killzone 2. He died playing the greatest first person shooter (so far, probably until cod6 comes out) that has ever been created.

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This article is so ridiculously stupid. Aside from the time loading of the trophies, he did not have one good point in the whole article. What a f*cking moron. I used to think destructoid was an OK site, but now, I just cant bear to even consider them a gaming site.

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@Max Power

No, the way to get bubbles is to agree with everyone else, all the time, no matter what. You cannot say anything neutral or anything differing in opinion from anyone on this site or you will lose bubbles. You are not allowed to HAVE an opinion on this site, unless it's the opinion of the n4g users.

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Then buy a f*cking subscription to gameinformer and get off the internet. Everyone has an opinion, and everyone has a right to share it. To anyone that says otherwise, I say f*ck off.

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Great deal of the moment. The game is pretty solid in the ratings, and it's kind of interesting. 5.98 for a brand new (also pretty decent) game, now you can't pass on that.

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Old Wizard's top 5 requirements for a good game.

1. Must have been made 10+ years ago
2. Has to be from Nintendo
3. Must be 2 dimensional
4. Cannot be mature
5. Has to include a plumber

This guy just thinks he is superior to everyone else because the only games he plays are from the 90's or earlier. Rejecting anything new and limiting yourself to old games does not make you cool, nor does it make you a "real" gamer, Old Wizard. And t...

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Good luck paying 50$(or w/e the hell it is) a year just to get a download 5 minutes faster.

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"I reckon the worst culprits do it so that they have good stats and can show they have achieved something in life, maybe because they fail in real life."

Tell us more, Mr. Freud.

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