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I cheat in open world sandbox games (though not red dead). I don't see how you can have fun in a game like Saint's Row or Grand Theft Auto without blowing sh*t up with your infinite amount of rockets or spawning weapons without having to complete ridiculous challenges to earn. Plus, there are many entertaining cheats that add to enjoyment WITHOUT overpowering you. Drunk pedestrians, floating dead bodies, raining dead bodies, hookers following you, etc.

Cheating isn...

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Whenever you only have one of those bulbs left to shoot to kill the guy, and you're on your 4th or 5th go on him and he hits you with his cheap ass sniper shotgun, then yeah, it IS frustrating.

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*shakes fanboy spray*

Go away.

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I just want to let you know, it's spelled "you're", not your. When you insult someone, make sure you don't look like a fool when doing so.

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Wait, does this mean that you can purchase individual pieces of dlc at gamestop without buying the game itself from gamestop? If that's the case, then I don't know what everyone is complaining about.

If it is the way I described, then people without credit cards will no longer be forced to buy a 20 dollar psn card, and instead they will be able to pay the exact amount (5, 10, or 15) and save money.

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"you can hate the war all you want but to hate and degrade someone who serves when that person pledged HIS LIFE to PROTECT YOURS" - But you just said right here

(i dont care how or why we are in the war that we are in, it surely didnt play any part in my decision to enlist. i care that uncle sam is paying for the entirety of my college, i care about not having pay absurd insurance fees, i care that i am better person because of my trainin...

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I would like to buy the War Horse for my ps3 version, but the maximum amount I would be willing to spend would be 5 bucks. I don't have a best buy where I live, so I couldn't really partake in (all) of the pre order bonuses. I certainly wouldn't pay 30 bucks for one though.

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I do enjoy it, ReservoirDog316. Thanks again, more people should be as nice as you.

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I care. I like to see what's in the box. Sometimes, games come with posters inside them (ex. Red Dead, Oblivion, GTAIV) and it interests me more whenever I know these things are in there. I also like to see the design of the disc and if there is any extra content/codes in the box.

If you are complaining about this not being newsworthy, then you obviously haven't seen some of the crap this site considers newsworthy. Right now (or at least yesterday) there were abou...

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When will you get over people having a different opinion than you?

When you find the answer to that, you will find the answer to your question.

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Sheep are sheep

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Hurry up and come out already.

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Please keep your hateful intolerance to yourself. You don't have to agree with their lifestyle, it's perfectly okay to think it's disgusting, but just keep it to yourself and don't treat them like less of a person. And your analogy with Jeffery Dahmer is completely moronic. The fact that you are comparing a murdering psychopath with gay people shows your ignorance. In no way does your rant make sense.

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Neither do I. That's why throughout my comment, I put in exceptions in parenthesis. MW2 sucks. I'm defending the call of duty games though, not modern warfare 2.

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Yeah, because people deserve to go to jail and have their lives ruined over a 65 dollar game.


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The call of duty games are skill simulators. That's why (except for mw2) they're so fun: is that the game gives you the feeling of being a badass. Looking at your score in the end and thinking "damn, I did pretty good!". Of course there is no real skill involved in the game, but they're fun (not mw2), and isn't that why we play games? For fun?

I feel sorry for you elitists that can ONLY have fun with tactical shooters. I can have fun with both C...

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"If thats not fishing for hits I don't know what is."

Yeah, because someone who has a different opinion than you is only doing it for hits.


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13. Steam and digital distribution, something that consoles borrowed from PC. - Uh, how again does borrowing ideas make pc better than consoles?
14. Being able to play a game with more than 16 players LAGFREE - Don't know what games you're playing, but I'm playing 30+ players, and more than that with todays small maps would be too chaotic.
15. Online spoken community (X-fire, Ventrilo, IRC, teamspeak) - Who are usually douchebags, as that's where people with ...

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delete comment

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*N4G doesn't allow more than 4000 characters, so I have to post this as more than one comment*

1. kb/m - If you're claiming it's better than a gamepad, then you're an idiot. Control preferences are completely subjective.
2. I can build a bigger and better rig, and your console will always stay the same - Sorry, but I don't really want a BIGGER console. My console may stay the same, but there is no reason to give a crap about specs when us console...

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