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Well as you know, Sony is the greatest company ever, and we owe everything we have to them. Of course it's okay to bad mouth anything that's not a ps3 exclusive. Sony is the best and they can do no wrong. They are perfect in every way, and to criticize Sony, is to blaspheme against the company to which we owe everything in our lives to.


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"maybe a decent education should a requirement for writing on here."

Maybe you should look at your own education before you start calling other people idiots. You left out a word. I'll let you figure out which one it is.

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So what is your solution, HardCoreGamer? To censor everything for everyone just because parents are irresponsible? Maybe we should ban sex after marriage because little Timmy caught his parents doing it.

Hell, let's ban everything on tv that isn't rated pg, and replace it with teletubbies, barney, bob the builder and so many other pg rated shows.

You say these games don't help other parents when keeping their kids in line. Guess what? They're not here to keep you...

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"consoles are just to get more cash"

Yeah, they only care about true pc gamers! They only made battlefield for consoles to get more money!


So if they care about you so much, how come Bad Company 1 (still a great game) wasn't released at all on the pc? How come you had to wait such a damn long time for 1943 to come out? You're an a**hole in thinking that they only care about their pc gamers, and thinking that you are the only importan...

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So much anger. How about you don't comment on the articles of games you hate. Quit trying to make other people hate something that they like, because by doing that, you are nothing but a common douchebag.

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Great news. This game deserves it for bringing something fresh into this over saturated military/space marine/generic shooter market. Plus the devs support to continuously develop dlc for it (most of it being great at that).

This was one of the most under rated and most under appreciated games of '09 in a huge sea of big name and slightly big releases such as Gran Turismo PSP, Fallout 3 GoTY edition, Wii Fit Plus (I'm only talking about the challenge it faced when competing w...

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They should add multiplayer too. Not the "shoot and kill everyone" kind, but actual online racing. Run to the finish line and beat everyone else there. Now that would be the most classic ghetto form of racing, doing it on foot, the way racing originated.

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"but after playing it for a few hurs, it dawned to me how noob-friendl and how BS it was"

You went in playing a CALL OF DUTY game thinking it wouldn't be noob friendly?

You're an idiot.

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I'll be in my bunk.

(Firefly ftw!)

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Someone post an mp3 of that music now! I must have it!

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I know that you are trying to soften the mood with some light hearted humor, but you are just being unintentionally disrespectful.

ontopic: Rest in peace man.

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Been waiting for this.

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/grammar nazi

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Plus, using a controller provides more of a challenge. Pointing and clicking seems to easy and boring. Not to mention controllers have (actually good) force feedback and can be held in one hand so it's less of an annoyance.

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"Somebody was bullied is school when they were a kid."

No, I think this guy was the bully in school. He just couldn't get a job that required the slightest amount of intellect, but still wanted the power to push people around, so he became an xbox live moderator.

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"This is proof of why PC is better than consoles. Period."

Consoles have better games though. I was watching this and it looks f*cking boring as hell. I know it's supposed to be a Goldeneye remake, but I'd rather buy a N64 along with the game than play this boring piece of sh*t.

Killzone 2, Uncharted 2, Resistance, God of War, Team ICO games, Ratchet and Clank(I could go on and on here but you get the idea) are proof why consoles are better than PC. Peri...

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"David Cage is dedicated, imean patching the game before it releases."

Lol, that doesn't mean he is dedicated to his game. Modern Warfare 2 had a patch on release day, and look how that turned out. And before you say "well this one actually fixes it" (because I know some of you will), how do you know? You would just be guessing.

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My rank hasn't changed though. I'm fairly sure I have my psn id linked with ea, and it gives me the following message after I enter my psn id and press submit:
This game is already claimed. Your BFBC Vet rank has been updated.>

Yet my rank is still on zero. Any ideas?

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And yet the retarted cousin still has better games :)

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"It's funny how BC2 is getting so much hype as a result despite BC1 not getting any when COD4 was around."

That's what kind of pisses me off about this site. BC1 was great, and is still very similar to BC2, yet no one ever appreciated it or gave it the respect it deserved. The only reason people (on this site) are paying attention to BC2, is because they hate MW2 with a passion and will look wherever they can to find a game that they can use in an argument to express ...

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