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So how much all together would that be?

/too lazy to do math

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Does it come with the order when it ships? Or do they send you an extra email or something, or do you have to enter a certain code at checkout hidden somewhere on the website?

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"Screwattack is one of the best gaming websites for true gamers who have been playing since the days of the atari/nes/sega etc. Not for people like you and the majority of this website who probably only just started a few years ago and jumped on the Xbox vs Playstation wagon."

Yeah, because every one knows you can't be a true gamer unless you were around during the retro games.


Idiot. I guess then by that logic, that you are not a true fa...

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"The ONLY good map in MW2 is Terminal."

Bullsh*t. That is a good one, but there are plenty other good ones. Favela and Rundown are the two best maps in the game.

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Wait wait wait... what? Free? As in I don't have to pay money for it?! What trickery is this! The first rule of next gen is that every piece of dlc must cost 10 dollars or more!

*sky falling*

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"Too many people take advantage of this feature which is why they're limiting it. It's good that they're doing this mainly becuase it will ensure the further success of PSN games."

Wow, so Sony actually DOES pay attention to the internet. They even post here on n4g under the alias saaking. Either that, or somebody really just likes kissing ass unnecessarily and sucking up when it's not going to get them anything special.

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"You've only confirmed that you're too stupid to cope with a list of servers rather than a "list" of just 1 server. You shouldn't settle for less."

Unlike you pc tards, we know that b*tching and moaning won't solve anything, and that devs won't change their mind over a few players complaining. So we don't waste our time like you do not playing games, we actually play them and have fun. Maybe not as much fun as we could be having, but fun nonetheless. So go ...

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Seriously, how did this sh*t get approved? Every time someone posts a funny video, the comments all say to take it to badjoystick, and the article gets reported and taken down. I guess this one is staying up because it's cool to hate on Call of Duty and spoil it for everyone.

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Same here. One of the few blu rays I own, so it's Ace Ventura for me.

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I accidentally disagreed with you, so I gave you a bubble instead.

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Good review.

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It's NOT fixed, it's still f*cked up. Infinity Ward needs to get their sh*t together.

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"3.2 - He has the right to say that
because the gameplay from the beta looks better than anything MW2 has shown. Oh, and because it's his opinion, too."

Hypocritical much? You say that it looks better as if you are speaking factually, but then go on to say that it is his opinion. Maybe you should look up the definition of an opinion, I don't think you know what it means.

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I don't understand why people complain about a bad story if there is good gameplay. I mean Uncharted 2's story sucked balls, but it is one of the greatest games of all time. Stop complaining about the story if the gameplay is good.

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Wow, I guess nobody is allowed to have an opinion anymore unless it matches that of the N4G commenter. Any criticism brought up about any ps3 exclusive and you are quickly silenced on this web site. It kind of makes me ashamed to be a part of this site, until I remember that the forums aren't full of the brain dead mindless idiots that take up space here in the comments section.

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I was about to say "cue the "hez dosint liek teh gamez cuz its' two hard!!11!"" but it seems those comments are already out and plentiful. Sure, the article doesn't have to do with that, but I'm replying to the knee jerk reactions from you fanboys on n4g. You see kids, not everyone has to like the same things that you do.

They can choose to not like something that you do not, not because of your imaginary "its TOO HARD four them!!!11" reason. No, ...

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It would have been cool for them to spend an extra year on multiplayer (if it even takes that long) and release it then rather than release a game every year.

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"Warhawk FTW"

More like Warhawk wtf. Seriously, this game just now hit a million copies? When piece of sh*t games like halo odst sell 2 million in the first week, this game takes years to sell just ONE million. People are so damned stupid/ignorant and will settle for pure crap.

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