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Enlighten me, how does someone's movie taste make their game taste pointless?

Games and movies aren't that different these days. And if you like Grindhouse, then your taste in quality as a whole, just sucks, and you have no room to talk bad about anything.

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The fact that your username is based off of a character in one of the most sh*ttiest films of all time, means you have no room to call anything awful.

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"COD4 was horribly in Balance!"

I agree, CoD4 was pretty balanced.

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You're calling him a loser while you spend your time posting comments onto a gaming discussion website with an article about someone you don't even like or care about? Wow, you must be a real winner.

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I do.

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Where did you download it from? Please post a link.

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Yeah they are pretty fun. Anybody go to the one in Austin last year and see that guy fail and embarrass himself at space invaders? Don't yell to go up on stage if you aren't a real gamer, lol.

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You think that predicting and commenting "watch [so and so] disagree" makes your statement true, and that anyone who disagrees with you is deluded? Ugh, I hate smugginess.

They will be better than Killzone 2. 60fps and the already gorgeous graphics combined that will be improved in the second game will definitely be better than Killzone 2. The Multiplayer was practically perfect, I don't see how they could make it any better.

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No one forced you to watch the video, quit b*tching you ungrateful bastard.

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"Funny, i've played all of those games... and MGS4 is better then all of them."

Funny, I didn't know you are the person that makes peoples opinions for them.

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I liked the title before :'(

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Oh and what is Killzone 2? What is Gears 2? Killzone2 = Call of Duty 4 with less weapons/shiny coat of paint, and slow as hell controls. Killzone 2 does absolutely nothing that other FPS's haven't done before. But it's fun as hell and does the best at what's already out there. N4G fanboys are some of the dumbest motherf*ckers I have ever come across on the web. Either that or most of them are just little kids who don't know any better.

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"So no, RE5's controls AREN'T the 'legendary classic controls' you speak of. They're awkward and broken."

Go back to playing GenericGameWithTheSameControls #3 you retarted 12 year old.

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Read the fine print.

*ps1 games may require a 6gb pre-installation before playing*

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I'm getting the DLC too, but please, just please don't try to justify their actions. It's extremely pathetic. They should not charge you extra for something that is already on the disk.

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*falls down laughing uncontrollably*

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"But these controls just dont cut it anymore in this day and age."

That only applies to the people who like playing the same thing over and over again, not wanting anything different.

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Stop whining. Who gives a sh*t if Killzone 2 or any other game for that matter was unfairly reviewed/marked down because of originality? I thought you(the whole site included) didn't care about reviews.

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You probably never thought highly of COD4/Bioshock in the first place. Bioshock is more about the story than the controls (although I think bioshocks controls are perfect), and no way are Killzone 2's controls better than CoD4's. Call of Duty 4 runs at 60 fps, where as killzone runs at 30 max. CoD4 is like butter, and its controls are perfect. Killzones takes some tweaking and getting used to, but once you do, it's pretty [email protected] good as well, just not as good as Co...

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