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"I do not like Trump, but he is seriously the lesser of two evil....."

I hate both, but lol, no. Hillary may be evil, but Trump is an evil, spoiled child. If I'm gonna choose between an evil 6 year old and an evil adult to run the country, I'll go with the evil adult. And really, I don't think either are evil, trump is just flat out stupid, Hillary just cares about her career and admiration.

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Except that Trump in this instance goes way beyond the context of "democrat vs republican".

I have respect for both parties, and I don't like either of the candidates, but to equate Trump to the "republican" choice when not even republicans like him, is stupid, just like Trump supporters.

Try as I might, I cannot think of a reason why anyone would vote for Trump unless they were either some type of hateful p.o.s. (racist, sexist, h...

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Last one I played was 4. Really liked that one. They're good and fun games if you haven't played them in a while. I always buy them on sale. Just bought unity for 5 bucks used a couple of weeks ago, will get around to it eventually.

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It's worse than that IMO. It's a rebellious teenage hipsters dream game. Some of the gameplay looks all right, but all of the characters are just so damn obnoxious from what I've seen.

Oh cool, a mystery hacker with a mask that displays emojiis! How awesome!
-Nobody, Ever

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Really? If this is a "non-story", then what were those dozens of articles about og ps4s getting HDR support then?

I thought this article was very informative. I had assumed there was at least SOMETHING on og ps4 that supported HDR, but apparently there isn't a single thing out there.

It points out just how pointless and useless it was for Sony to add and then tout HDR support for older ps4s. They did it solely for the pr it seems.

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Ignore the hipster.

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Can you elaborate on that? I thought upscaling was just blowing up the picture?

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First world problems, lol.

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It was a Vizio M series. Vizio M43-C1 I believe. 600 bucks. It's a pretty good looking tv, and a huge upgrade from my og 360 era 32 inch bravia (which died, and was the reason I upgraded).

Read a few reviews before purchasing and they said it was the best 4k tv for gaming at the time, due to the input lag, which I forgot, but is supposed to be really good for a 4k tv.

Only things I don't like about it are that the youtube app isn't 4k and ther...

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If only my 4k tv I bought back in November had hdr.


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Ah the days of playing as master chief on ps3.

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Anybody else notice Sony becoming a holes the moment Jack Tretton stepped down and Shawn Layden stepped in?

I had a bad feeling about it then. Looks like I was right. Tretton was a gamer, and an all around awesome guy who listened to the consumers. Layden is a suit whose only interest is his own paycheck.

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P.T. man, P.T.

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So OBVIOUSLY this means Bethesda will now price the ps4 version lower since it's less of a game, right?

Just kidding, of course they won't. They treated ps3 owners like shit, why would they be any different with ps4 owners?

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Hell, not even all 4k tvs have HDR support. I went with a budget 4k tv back in November because my 32 inch finally died, and then I start hearing about all this hdr stuff and check to find out if mine has it and it doesn't. It's not even a feature that comes with 4k natively. Needless to say, I'm pondering whether I should get a ps4 pro at all.

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Even though you were joking, the water in Wind Waker HD is actually very beautiful.

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Would YOU boycott your favorite game franchise if they turned out to be sjw a-holes? If not, don't ask others to.

I refused to buy Overwatch, I traded in Uncharted 4 because of their crap (not JUST because of that, I did think it was a glorified climbing sim, but it certainly didn't help hearing about neil druckmans influences), I crossed fire emblem off my radar, but Borderlands 2 is probably my favorite game ever. I don't think I can resist a proper borderland...

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Ill paste this comment here, might help some folks

Start an amazon prime trial for free, pre order the legacy edition (which will come out to 63 bucks with the 20 percent discount) and then cancel your prime trial.

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Appreciate the article, it's nice to know there's at least SOME journalists who call out anti gamer gaters for their bs.

As to what I think about this particular situation, it doesn't bother me as much as I thought it would. I was expecting to be infuriated, as I'm pretty easily offended by stupidity/sjws, and even more upset when it comes from someone I used to respect (borderlands is my favorite franchise, and pre sequels sjw lines from the explosion guy a...

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