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Out of curiosity, does this affect the warranties of any existing products or does it just pertain to those manufactured after this 30 days?

Example: if I were to open up my ps4 pro to clean the dust out of it and I was still under warranty, would I still be covered? I would think not, at least not for existing products. Same question though if I happened to purchase the upcoming (leaked) spiderman ps4 pro, would I be covered, or will this simply force Sony to use a differ...

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... it would be a miracle because they're both men.

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"Hacks are enabled by default, would you like to deactivate them?"

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Same here. Burnout Paradise (along with Mario Kart, and a bit of Twisted Metal) are the only racing/driving games I like. Burnout Paradise is definitely my favorite racing game.

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"I listed from warren Spector present in full capacity in both mankind divided and prey to a much greater extent than bioshock could ever hope for."

And Bioshock is a much better game than either of those 2 games could hope to be.

Deeper also doesn't automatically mean better either. Mankind Divided may have more lines of dialogue, emails, text, etc, but almost none of it is worthwhile to read. The story is a convoluted over dramatized mess....

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Any way, I think I'm losing the point of what I was talking about, maybe it's that Bioshock and Prey are very similar games, and while prey is deeper because it's newer, it's not titanically more varied than bioshock. At the very least, they're in the same ballpark when it comes to the types of games they are.

At their cores, they're both exploratory, super power gun wielding shooters with combos. Prey just has more complexity when it comes to intera...

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I skimmed through parts of your article, read about half of that chart, because ideologies and points in a chart that devs keep in mind don't directly translate to a deep and immersive game, they're just nice ideas and goals to work towards, but they can't and don't come together in the ingenious ways you describe these games.

It sounds to me like you're looking for complexities and brilliance in things that really aren't at the levels you're ima...

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"It is a shooter."

That's a gross oversimplification of Bioshock 1. It isn't just a shooter. I could probably say the same thing about Prey in someone elses hands. Emergent gameplay scenarios depend almost entirely upon the person playings willingness to try creative things. And the way the game encourages and reminds you to play in different ways (i.e. an enemy standing in a pool of water in bioshock, or a dead npc at the top of an area with a half finish...

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I really liked Prey (and games like it), and Bioshock in space, mixed with a bit of Dishonored, is exactly how I described Prey to my friend after beating it. He plans to buy it when he has funds available.

There's nothing wrong or inaccurate with that label, it's true. It may not be the whole truth, but Prey shares a ton in common with Bioshock, enough so that if you have to boil down a game into a sentence to try and sell it to someone, "Bioshock in space&quo...

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I don't like racing games, but I LOVED burnout paradise. Platinum'd it. It's the first and probably the only racing game I like, not counting mario kart.

Plus it was one of the first and few games to add custom soundtracks to ps3. Criterion supported the hell out of this game after launch, plenty of free good dlc, some paid that was even better.

Burnout Paradise 2 will be the only racer I ever buy after the first. It makes racing/car games fun...

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Does anyone know if this is just for pc?Just got this a few days ago for ps4, been hearing and reading a bit about framerate and audio issues.

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You're welcome, lol. I personally took a 65 dollar risk on it, as I'm not much of a jrpg fan, more of a shooter/wrpg guy myself, but I thought I'd take a dip back into the genre for what people kept describing an event rather than a game release. That video where the dev team basically said they put everything into the game as if it were the last game they were making also helped too, it's rare that you see devs that passionate about making a great game.


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Is it more, less or about the same comfortability as the golds?

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I actually had the same thoughts about nearly everything in Destiny 1 when I first started playing it, about most of the weapons and armor. Why don't supers last much longer, why do I have to pick this or that subclass to activate this exotic perk, why can I only wear one piece of exotic armor and one exotic weapon at a time?

If this were Borderlands, you could do whatever the fk you wanted, to hell with the unbalance. But this is a more balanced Borderlands type game I...

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Those loot/xp boosting fireteam medallions can be had by playing the game. They are acquired with bright dust, which drops from bright engrams. Bright engrams are acquired by leveling up, and not only that, but at the start of each reset, for every character, xp for the first 3 levels (or bright engrams) is boosted by a lot, meaning you can get 3 VERY EASY and VERY QUICK bright engrams per character, once a week.

The bright engrams can drop smal...

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@captain obvious

Story, content, replayability, the loot system is now pretty generous unlike early destiny 1 where it was the most withholding loot system ever, now it gives you legendaries pretty regularly.

Every activity you do, regardless of how small it is, gets you closer to loot. I drug my feet a lot when it came to completing the story and just farmed the shit out of public events, acruing a lot of those planet specific tokens and flora, both of w...

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How can you agree with his opinion? The game isn't out yet. Unless you're talking about the 5 seconds of content the beta had? Which really wouldn't be an indicator of what the game will be like, except for maybe pvp.

I spent far more time on the first Destiny than any other game, same with many of the friends I played with. None of us felt like we "threw money away". In addition to having an absolute blast playing with others, many destiny players, my...

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Pretty sure being able to do the macarena or breakdance won't help your chances of success.

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Definitely my favorite mario game. Wish they'd remaster this in the vein of Wind Waker HD. The game looks beautiful even today when emulated on Dolphin with all the extra things turned on.

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I do far better with a controller than kb/m. I built a pc some years ago and really tried to give kb/m a shot, but I was always worse with it than I was with a controller. I grew up with controllers, and I don't see any world in which I'll ever be as good with a keyboard and mouse as I am with a controller.

Plus for me, it's a lot less immersive, I no longer feel like I'm using a gun, I feel like I'm using a mouse. Controller is 2nd nature to me, I forge...

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