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Shouldn't there be some kind of cut off point to where you are not allowed to approve crappy reviews from unknown game sites?

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What's a soulja boy?

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"Also being rated higher and selling more than the other two games also helps solidify the point"

So you like games that sell well? Hmm, I would rather have a good game rather than a popular one, but 2 eaches own I guess.

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Resistance 2

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Mirror's Edge

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Meh. Who cares anymore? 360 owners can have it. I think they at least deserve one other good game besides Gears of War.

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"Perhaps Spike needs to pay less attention to the Soulja Boys of gaming and more time to the average, hardcore gamer."

Truer words could not be spoken.

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No one counts pc games on this website though.

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I disagree. I think Resistance 2 should win (it won't though). Though if you are a long time fan of the mgs series, I can see how it would be game of the year for some.

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Why? It's much less funnier when he does it, and besides, he is no one to listen to when you're considering buying a game from a review.

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You should have changed the title, it seems no one is reading this at the moment. This is big news, why aren't people looking at this article?

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"That's innovation, my friend."

No, it's not. It is stealing an idea and changing little details. You wouldn't call someone who copies someones song and replaces a couple of words innovative would you? They have done nothing new, they have just brought what has already been invented to consoles, which is NOT innovation.

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"Yes M$ innovates... Everybody knows PSN pretty much copied everything off XBL.. Trophies, In game XMB, Movie Service, etc etc etc..."

MS did not innovate any of that, so that one little statement nullifies your entire argument. Achievements were on the pc ages before the 360, and downloadable movie services have been around a long time as well.

And I wouldn't go throwing around that statement "sony copies EVERYTHING off of microsoft". Seriously...

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"So I get 14 disagrees but nobody wants to argue my statements? how about stating why you disagree with my statement? Its probably because you can't!"

It's because you and your statement are so ridiculously f*cking stupid that it's not even worth it. Any fact that could be argued to you and that could be proven, would fly straight over your head. Trying to argue with you is like trying to argue with the likes of TheMART or Firstknight: completely pointless.

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Kind of like your mom.

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"PS3 needs currently every possible hit title they can possibly get. FAST PLEASE!"

You cant just churn out great games. They have to be developed on and worked really hard on (lol, hard on) for years. We want something incredible, not just good. There are a lot of good games coming out this gen, but few are very memorable or epic as some of the last gens games.

They need to take their sweet time on GoW, because the pattern with games these days is that t...

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Dude... what the hell are you doing here?

ontopic: I hope Uncharted 2 has a multiplayer mode this time around. I would gladly sit through a delay if they could.

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If you live in the us, can you still order from with your us credit card and not have to pay anything extra to have it imported? I remember buying something from the uk a long time ago, thinking it was in the us, but when I got it, it was charged as more and w/e.

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I want something to fix the dead pixel on my psp.

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The graphics on pc compared to consoles are never THAT much better, and certainly do not warrant spending $200+ on the latest video card.

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