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Your comment is a testament to how stupid people as a whole have gotten.

Blah blah, you hate MW2. We all know. I would bet that at least 90% of this site hates it as well. No one gives a sh*t about your worthless opinion though. The reason I keep playing the game, is because I very very rarely run into glitchers, and when I do, it's not that bad to me. It doesn't make me want to leave the match in a childish anger pouting my way back to the main menu like a little b****.

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Wasn't this article on n4g a couple of weeks ago?

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If you think BioShock is about the gameplay, then you should stray away from it and go play a mindless shooter, like mag or mw2.

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Religion shouldn't be brought into gaming unless it provides for a more entertaining fictional story. Dante's Inferno seems to be going into the mythology of it but not claiming "Hey, this actually took place, and if you don't become a christian, you will experience similar events in this game when you die", well at least I don't think it is based on the interviews with the devs I've seen.

Games like god of war didn't claim to be true to life stories, and other games...

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What are you talking about? The new font sucks sh*t. PS3 box art used to look distinctive, now it just looks like it's trying to copy everyone else.

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I actually like the NA cover over the EU box art. But maybe it's because I'm an American, and on this site and to the people on it, all Americans are idiots, right?

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"inFamous didn't have the greatest graphics in the world when it came out"

What the f are you talking about? inFamous had awesome graphics. No not the greatest, but pretty damn good. Good enough to where the phrase "infamous didn't have the greatest graphics in the world" is totally unnecessary.

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No one on this site uses the agree/disagree system for it's intended purpose, they just use it as a "like comment/dislike comment" button. So to all those on here pondering over why you get a disagree for saying something that is true about yourself, now you know why.

(I don't use it that way, but I imagine that's why people disagree with obvious factual comments). I think they should change the names of the button, as agree and disagree and instead put it as like or ...

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"The beta alone is miles better than MW2."

Haha. Kids these days.

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How is he a douche? As always, nobody even reads the article, and only looks at the title and maybe the description on the n4g article. He's talking about how much he hates that his ps3 has broken down and is exploring his options on fixing it.

Oh wait, I'm sorry I forgot. He should be so grateful and lucky in the first place to even have the chance to have bought a ps3. Complaining that it broke down is pure blasphemy! Sony is all knowing and we should never ever question t...

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"(Who doesn't love some noob spammer getting harriers followed by an attack heli then a nuke in the first 3 minutes of any game???)"

It's pretty obvious you don't play the game. Nukes are a dime a dozen. They rarely ever happen. And why the f*ck do you care so much that other people like the game? Are you trying to make us not like it or something? Because if you are, then you should get a life and leave.

Find something else better to do with your time...

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"but MGS4's character models, set-pieces and method of storytelling through gameplay and interactive cutscenes are second to none"

Character models maybe, that one is debatable. Set pieces, hellllll noooo. Uncharted 2 had kinetic set pieces that were full of life. MGS4 had bland, dull, and boring set pieces that were just there. They didn't really do anything. Storytelling yeah, but even MGS4's story was full of cliches and predictability (though the ending surpri...

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"Right now with stores giving price cuts on games and systems, and also with Gamefly it makes gaming not a very expensive hobby."

Well it's nice that you get to live in a city that has a best buy, and other lesser known gaming stores that give a lot of discounts away, but not all of us do. Some of us have to settle getting ripped off by our local gamestop. Sure, I could go to wal mart or hastings, but they do not have any pre order rewards whatsoever.


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"I ultimately got bored with it because, in the end, there really wasn't any point. You just shoot whatever enemy with a group of people until whatever meagre goal is accomplished."

And how exactly does that differ in single player games? In single player, you just shoot whatever enemy (except by yourself) until a meager goal is accomplished.

I don't see why everyone thinks they're so better than everyone else or more intelligent than everyone else because...

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"if Uncharted 2 doesn't win the GOTY award over some re-hashed sh1t like Modern Warfare 2, there's something wrong."

There is certainly something wrong alright. With you, and everyone who thinks like you. People like you who do not understand what an opinion is, and will never learn to respect one, because they are selfish children who think everyone should think like them.

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"And the guns are lifeless."

Ok, now you're just trying to look for reasons to bash this game. How are the guns lifeless? The weapons in MW2 are some of the most distinct, and varied weapons of all time. If you want to talk about lifeless guns, then talk about every gun in killzone 2 except for the main isa issued assault rifle. Every gun in MW2 has a distinct feel to it, that doesn't feel like "just another assault rifle/pistol/sniper rifle".


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Oh shut up. If this were any less popular game like Uncharted 2 and the inaccuracies in it (don't know if there are any, I'm just saying), you all would be saying "who cares?". Why don't you blame LittleBigPlanet for including a song that had an offensive line to muslims? Oh yeah, because it's f*cking retarted.

Their job isn't to research every insignificant cultural detail, it's to create a fun, arcadey shooter.

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Sorry, but saying that UC2's story was the best this year isn't much. The stories in games sucked this year. In fact, they've pretty much sucked this generation of consoles. The only ones that I can think of that are any good are Metal Gear Solid 4, BioShock, and Mass Effect.

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Fair choice though. Killzone 2 may look the best out of every fps available, but looks aren't everything. The reason I personally liked MW2 over KZ2 is that MW2 has a sh*t ton of weapons, and runs at 60fps, whereas Killzone 2 has only a handful of weapons and only runs at 30fps.

Also it doesn't help that KZ2 has laggy, unresponsive controls. People like to tell themselves that it's "realistic" and "weighty" but that's just bs. Sure it may be realistic if ...

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