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"Right now with stores giving price cuts on games and systems, and also with Gamefly it makes gaming not a very expensive hobby."

Well it's nice that you get to live in a city that has a best buy, and other lesser known gaming stores that give a lot of discounts away, but not all of us do. Some of us have to settle getting ripped off by our local gamestop. Sure, I could go to wal mart or hastings, but they do not have any pre order rewards whatsoever.


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"I ultimately got bored with it because, in the end, there really wasn't any point. You just shoot whatever enemy with a group of people until whatever meagre goal is accomplished."

And how exactly does that differ in single player games? In single player, you just shoot whatever enemy (except by yourself) until a meager goal is accomplished.

I don't see why everyone thinks they're so better than everyone else or more intelligent than everyone else because...

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"if Uncharted 2 doesn't win the GOTY award over some re-hashed sh1t like Modern Warfare 2, there's something wrong."

There is certainly something wrong alright. With you, and everyone who thinks like you. People like you who do not understand what an opinion is, and will never learn to respect one, because they are selfish children who think everyone should think like them.

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"And the guns are lifeless."

Ok, now you're just trying to look for reasons to bash this game. How are the guns lifeless? The weapons in MW2 are some of the most distinct, and varied weapons of all time. If you want to talk about lifeless guns, then talk about every gun in killzone 2 except for the main isa issued assault rifle. Every gun in MW2 has a distinct feel to it, that doesn't feel like "just another assault rifle/pistol/sniper rifle".


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Oh shut up. If this were any less popular game like Uncharted 2 and the inaccuracies in it (don't know if there are any, I'm just saying), you all would be saying "who cares?". Why don't you blame LittleBigPlanet for including a song that had an offensive line to muslims? Oh yeah, because it's f*cking retarted.

Their job isn't to research every insignificant cultural detail, it's to create a fun, arcadey shooter.

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Sorry, but saying that UC2's story was the best this year isn't much. The stories in games sucked this year. In fact, they've pretty much sucked this generation of consoles. The only ones that I can think of that are any good are Metal Gear Solid 4, BioShock, and Mass Effect.

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Fair choice though. Killzone 2 may look the best out of every fps available, but looks aren't everything. The reason I personally liked MW2 over KZ2 is that MW2 has a sh*t ton of weapons, and runs at 60fps, whereas Killzone 2 has only a handful of weapons and only runs at 30fps.

Also it doesn't help that KZ2 has laggy, unresponsive controls. People like to tell themselves that it's "realistic" and "weighty" but that's just bs. Sure it may be realistic if ...

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"Sex is never necessary in games, in life, people have sex to reproduce"

That's not the only reason people have sex though. In life, most people just have sex because it's fun, not because they are looking to reproduce.

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"Really, I'd like to know what part of my statement upsets you guys so much that you feel the need to disagree without explanation?"

The fanboys probably think that you are a 360 fanboy posing as a ps3 owner. Your last line about having to get your ps3 fixed, well to them, the Sony is perfect and that they would never create a faulty product, so the only explanation that they could come up with, is that you are a 360fanboy, pretending to be a ps3 owner.

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Killzone 2 could have been the best shooter of the next gen. Hell, when I first saw the actual in game gameplay, my jaw dropped for the first time of any game. It looked beautiful, I was so excited, the moment the trailer finished, I said f*ck crysis, this is the best looking game of all time.

Then I played the demo, with its second long delayed unresponsive controls. I even customized the sensitivity and waited for the control fix patch to come out. The patch made it slightl...

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"but now PS3 fans are going to act like they don't care about the game"

Thank you for telling me how much I secretly love the game. I had no idea how envious I was of 360 owners getting the better port of this "awesome" game. You surely know my likes/dislikes better than I. I must not like this game for the sole reason that it is better on the 360. Thank you for clearing that up for me, and telling ME what I really love, I was sooo confused before!

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"And I don't think I ever spawned, got killed, spawned, and got killed again instantly in KZ2."

Then you have never played a public match in Killzone 2, or a match with more than 10 people with spawn grenades. Spawn grenades are the worst f*cking addition to FPS I have ever seen. They make Killzone 2 WORSE than call of duty. At least in call of duty, you can destroy the spawn points, and only the person that actually set the spawn point can spawn there, rather than t...

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BC2 Beta sucks.

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Call of Booty 4: Modern Whorefare

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Wow, seems the extremist sony fanboys are here today. Seriously fanboys, why do you feel so strongly about wanting people to spend 100 bucks on something that should be free (don't bring up the 360 here, I am making no comparisons to other consoles, bc should be in every released system)?

It's one thing that you guys "never use it", but it's another to say that it's not important and people should not ask sony for it, and that they should fork over 100 bucks for it. ...

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As in "we are".

Not were, as in "I wish you were in a class that taught you basic grammar".

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Yeah, this is probably one of the most censored comments sections on n4g (at least that I have seen so far).

Did you guys use any derogatory (against gays) language?

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If the beta is any indication of what's to come for the next battlefield, then they have some serious work to do. I loved BC1, but this battlefield just feels awful compared to the first. There is waaayy too much running involved, they need to shorten the maps or add more vehicles. I know the fanboys will say "but moronz, tehr is teh squadz spawnz sistem!111one", but if you're in a squad where everyone is dead atm, then you're screwed.

Also it sucks that there can o...

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You should edit the title to specify that this is the UK review.

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