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They are coming. This is why it's dumb for post-launch-console-bashing. There's prob LOTS of games coming for WiiU that we won't hear about for a bit. Takes time.

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I'm sure you saw what they did with NFS and the comparisons. If they wanted to make the best experience across the board....what do you think they will do?

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It just came out man. What console starts out amazing?

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Nice. I don't think enough people know his name lol. Legen.......dairy :)

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And for people without access to the internet??

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"No... no... no." Ms Consuela

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Do you know how much more developing costs this would be? They are just generating more interest. How many people have a PS3 that will prob buy it compared to launch PS4 install base that may buy it along with all the other launch titles. GTA5 won't be on PS4.

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Metroid is a horror? That's news to me.

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Day one from the first time I saw it lol

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Ya, makes no sense. Dumb

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Doubt it. They always put even more extra time for the PC versions.

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You one of'em real simple folk ain't ya boy.

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Me to. I've never cared how long it takes R* to release their games. More polish. Plus the day after is my B-Day so I'm pretty sure I already know what I want :D

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Addition fail.

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Must be serious >.>

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That commercial sucks. How much will that cost to air?

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Thanks for clearing that up. Still doesn't make sense that they don't have a proper store set up already though lol.

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Although slooooow, the Wii U did it good. I don't see why Sony wouldn't do the same.

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Pardon my language, but WTF FFS. The Wii U store is in trial for 6 MONTHS!!! Don't they already have stores for all their other platforms? I know they have always been a bit behind (demos, graphics, online play, software roll out) but how do they not have a dozen games already on there?

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It's sweat as heck!! :shifty:

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