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Well Said Chris. I would point fingers at whoever was in charge of advertising. Even a month after the WiiU was out, gamers didn't even know what it was. Comments were "This looks pretty good for the Wii." I showed it to family for Christmas and they had a blast. Nintendo needs to show what it does.

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DigitalRaptor, Why do you keep feeding the troll?

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*2 EXCELLENT games :)

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"My game will be the best!!" -Every developer ever.

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I agree, but it's not an excuse. You see any 360 games that look like PS3's high end games? PS3 won graphics awards for years after it was cracked. What's the best 360 looking game?

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I dunno...CoD looks the same as 360/PS3 versions. It just depends on the developer. Nintendo definitely likes to go the cartoonish look, so it'll mostly be up to 3rd party to bring the hardcore. Would be nice if Niny finally grew up a bit.

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Ok guy

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Haah They are touring in Canada right now, all 5 of them. Cheers and Happy New Years!

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NintendoLand with people who haven't played it. It's a blast. Happy New Years all.

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The style they went with would be pointless to have it higher res. Cartoony games don't need it, save it for Zelda HD.

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Ya OS sometimes is veeerrryy slow. Even the browser some day.

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I agree man. I used to use my PS3 everyday for games, shows, netflix. Now it's WiiU. I brought it to my Aunt/Uncles place today for our Christmas and it was a blast, and all we played was Nintendoland. Fun playing it with people who know nothing about it lol. Tripped my uncle out (because he has a Panasonic as well) that I could instantly control his TV haah.

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Just to be clear, not everyone who has a PS3 is a fanboy :D I like playing games. I've not used my PS3 much since I got the Wii U lol

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People shouldn't be able to comment on a system if they haven't tried it.

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Are you serious a DEMO is locked!!

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Doesn't take long to get used to, and like Shok said the Pro controller is a very comfortable controller. The problem I have is because the right stick is above the 4 buttons, they kind of flipped what they do. Jump is still the closest button to the stick, but that makes it the top one. Playing shooters on PS3 for so long makes you have to relearn a bit.

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Nobody is talking about remote play. Cross play (or the Wii U) is completely different. Stop flaming

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What's the problem?

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They aren't really that hard though.

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Same. Can be watching shows on PS3 and I want to check email or google something, just pick up the pad.

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