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They aren't really that hard though.

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Same. Can be watching shows on PS3 and I want to check email or google something, just pick up the pad.

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ZombiU :D

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Demo's should be for most games. Come on already

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Mine is downloading right now. Kinda slow though. Should hardwire it I guess. Anyways is the demo really that good?

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Tumble :D Came out when Move first released. Thought it used it reaaally well.

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Same here with the Skate games. I've bought all 3. Sometimes I just want to skate around a bit without having to change the disc. And to me it sounds like Nintendo is the one who implemented the limit. " was a game's publisher that decided HOW MANY TIMES you can try their game." Guessing that is a requirement to post a demo smfh.

Thanks Nintendo. Grow up already.

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Same. It was pretty dumb

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I can't play BO2 SP. My Wii U 'freezes' on the Old West mission after I destroy the last tank. The gamepad is unresponsive to the U and I have to unplug it. Was really enjoying it too. Anyone have a fix?

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It's great classic Mario fun.

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I'm confused while reading your comment.

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It'll be a while till this title comes up.

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I have 4 retail already smh. It just came out lol

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@dboyc310. Not sure if you have a WiiU but if you do and go to the Miiverse, it gives you a number on each game. My guess is it's how many people have started playing it while being connected to the net. Right now ZombiU has just over double what BO2 has. ZombiU is crazy good. Lots of tension I haven't seen in a game in a while.

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I agree man. I got Mario Bros U because GF wanted it. It's alright but the same thing. The next Mario better be something like Mario 64 or Sunshine.

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If you play online games (>.>) the ESRB doesn't rate the online section of games for this reason.

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All I heard for PS3 version was bad. Got it for my Wii U and have had zero problems. Love the 'split screen' online and the quick change-class touch pad. Plus I play inverted. 2 seconds and I pass the controller to gf. It's not huge but a great feature.

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It was a joke. He said PC is 2 gens ahead. Consoles put a 2 after the name to show it's the next one. PC is just PC. Was hoping I wouldn't have to explain that one.

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But where's the PC 2?

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You da man cool guy!

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