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Exactly the same comment I was going to say Blaze.

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Nintendo can't sue. But they did take everything from them. Does nobody else see Nintendo's Balloon Fight in this either lol.

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I'd pay $100 for my Half Life 2 Episode 3.

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That still doesn't make sense. If it was to sell systems, anyone can make their own Steambox so they would only be getting the same amount of money for just buying the game.

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Backed this before their video was finished lol. I'm surprised they need more $$$. It looks better than a lot of games out there already!

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Just curious, why did you think it was crap? It had some glitches but it was a killer game IMO. The only other game I've ever played through 2 times in a row is Psychonauts.

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"Online play won't be free... I considered it, but decided no." – Male in his 20s

Good luck with that problem buddy. Guess you'll get and Xbox1? >.>

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What else did you all get for $100? It's fun but I was expecting something a little different lol. Still worth a playthrough.

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I'm not usually a point and click gamer (I've tried many times to get into Tim's old games back in the day) but I'm liking this so far. I find the puzzles a little on the easy side though. And how long is part 1? It forced me to switch to the girl already and I'm only at about 2 hours.

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Got Alan Wake for $3. Don't have an Xbox so this was a steal.

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You guys should get a replacement. Hardware problems won't fix themselves.

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Agreed. Good luck Lindsay. You know your not the only blonde sl*t in the world right?

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I agree. If anyone has followed M$ through the years, this is just another marketing 'appearance'. Which they are really good at lol

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Heeeck no. Why do people try to go against reality lol

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5 min seems pretty fast :P

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Riiight Activision. Go make next years CoD. :)

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This is XBO footage. Watch when he's in the menus, and when it shows the helicoper. Pretty sure PS doesn't have LB and RB lol

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Funny thing is, when he's in the menu, it shows A, B, and Y buttons. I don't think this is PS4 lol

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I keep wishing they'd remake GTA 1 and include it with a new GTA. Make it an arcade in GTA 5 or something.

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If you haven't played the first, you will be addicted lol.

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