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This is XBO footage. Watch when he's in the menus, and when it shows the helicoper. Pretty sure PS doesn't have LB and RB lol

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Funny thing is, when he's in the menu, it shows A, B, and Y buttons. I don't think this is PS4 lol

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I keep wishing they'd remake GTA 1 and include it with a new GTA. Make it an arcade in GTA 5 or something.

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If you haven't played the first, you will be addicted lol.

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"In fact we are shipping an HDMI cable that is 4K rated."

The next version in HDMI (for 4K support) doesn't use any different HDMI cable than you are using now. Nice try Microsoft. Making it look like your doing a gooder lol.

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@ XB1_PS4 You know they have to make the games right?

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I'm going to wait a couple weeks until the kinks are out. I've been taking my time in single player anyways. Screwing around to much lol

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This is a dumb idea for an article. Just trying to 'stir the pot'? Well....back to GTA V.

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Same here. I played the sh!t out of GTA4 and was excited to see what they'd do next. 5 is one polished mofo. Step it up competition.

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It's not like any other species mate on our planet lol

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Funny you should talk about Mafia 2. I've been playing it for a week again just to hold me over until GTA V lol.

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It happens to be my B-day week and I have the whole week off HAAAH!

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Don't forget the "fan made" part of the article.

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Shat am I excited to play R* best game to date!!

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I'm loving it too. I don't know how it would be possible to play by yourself though haah

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GF and I are enjoying it. There are times you get stumped and you need to take a break though lol

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I STILL don't know WTF lol.

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Those look like a pair of 1990's headphones I used to have.

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I grew up playing PC games. Console gamers don't understand that hard drives are faster than any disc drive period.

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