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well deserved, hello games

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all activision cares for is charging an arm and a leg for maps. Free user content, im sure bobby's exact words was "GTFO out of my office unless you plan to charge for those content"

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when i say, who the %#@$! complains if a game is too fun.

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in other news he CEO for that publisher hasn't been seen since

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hell yeah it does

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hated the beta, it felt slow and pointless

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just wanted the lighten the conversation up

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story is more important than multiplayer, but there are people who enjoy uncharted 2 online, so please i speak be-half on 99% of n4g members when i say get out of the ps3 topics. Its hurting your rep (if you have any)

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casual gamers won

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for a camera? pssh. yeah right

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cool, might check this out

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yeah im sure they are jealous of a console that took this look to add simple features

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dreamcast 2, lol

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it only does everything baby, only does everything

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first of all T9X69, that joke is soo funny im on the floor crying, no really. Second, i love the idea of saving games onto a usb drive

ps- xbox 360 it only does midcore stuff

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if they win the lawsuit then modern warfare 3 will 110% be out first week of November 2011

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i personally want to thank the author as now i will buy playstation plus

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we all know sales doesnt make a good console. I rather be in 3rd place and play amazing games like uncharted, infamous, gt5, god of war, and so on.

and by your logic the ps2 is better than every xbox console created combined.

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speaking of which, when is this coming on psn, i much rather play this than new modern warfare maps

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and explain why?
you have a xbox 360 that is currently working. Why waste another 300 for. If you dont currently have a xbox then it will be worth it, if you do then dont waste your hard-earn cash. I for one will not because i have a xbox and feel mad that microsoft just made something that looks more next gen

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