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kojima, if you dare put msg4 on 360 i will lose every respect i have for you

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the dlc costs more than the game

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time to write an article
"Smartest gamers are ps3 owners"
will def get many views

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why couldn't this be for the home consoles?

he only show 15 minutes because his eyes started to hurt after

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no way i thought the boring guy who says the same things over again, wins every match, and cant wrestle was going to win in the polls

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is that sign made out of food?

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this game is not day 1.......
it is minute 1

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i rather read the text, that was too awful to get into

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there are two company name on the article that are bad for the industry

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0 minute(s), didnt buy it

i win

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i think im going to pre-order uncharted 3 right now.
Its just that epic

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hahahaha so when valve was bashing the ps3, you wasnt mad at all.

@ingiomar, dont ever buy a ps3 because you will be more mad seeing all the great games u missed

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im guessing you own m$ stock, huh because if you think an over-priced camera is good for gaming industry then you are offically banned from called yourself a gamer bobby koticks son may i call you

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at least it has free online


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LMAO, everyone has at least one disagree, too many butthurt fanboys here


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compare to the kinect bundle=
xbox kinect bundle: 300 for 4gb, and get charged 150+ by ms for hard-drive. plus online fees, no blu-ray, batteries for controller.

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unless that tiger is about to attack you and you have to grab a gun to take it down.

its not hardcore

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there is a game called halo 3 that is not too different

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and the fact is this game is no longer fun, its about people trying to increase their k/d ratio. I've went in a room with everyone just camping (no jokes either)

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