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thanks for helping the cause, geez

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smart move new zealand

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im not a big fan of psn games (or xbl arcade for that matter), I'll play them when they come on ps+

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because they're selling a 150 dollar webcam that doesn't do anything impressive besides speaking to it.

i mean who needs hardcore games, they're so over-rated /sarcasm

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nice, ill preorder for ps3 themes

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ea is not smart if they release this on November because ps3 owners will play the popular littlebigplanet over this and xbox 360 owners will play call of duty over this,(doesnt kinect come too, so they'll be spent). So i wont expect it to sell much

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ps3 to top second place choo choo

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im going to come up with a list of bad n4g articles and post it on n4g so we can all learn about what bad news articles are

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I think you are a fanboy as well. Dont call other people fanboys if you make statements that are toward another company.

just call urself Bigxbox360pappy

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lol, i wouldnt trust Microsoft for nothing

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well for all we know, it could update the blu-ray driver preparation for 3D

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well not to start anything but at-least ps3 has updates to add one new feature which is the recommendation thing

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im so excited, and i just cant hide it /sarcasm +lyrics

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move has already 20+ hardcore games while kinect just has dance central

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alright guys have fun playing your limbo, just an FYI, there is a free flash game of it. 15 dollars well spent

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this guy should think about leaving the house

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yes, this is what i think is very defense of xbox fans. They won't talk about their horrid failure rate instead they talk about some guys ps3 hard drive being stolen (so he says), seriously?

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ive never even heard of this site in my life but its a great game no doubt about it but does it really deserve all the top scores, i mean this is one of the top xbox 360 games to come out this year (by score)

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i agree, MW2 fans will disagree because it is the only game that they feel they're good at. Hey, they even pay 30 bucks for a handful of maps. Im glad i stopped playing/paying this game.

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woah, a 10, that maybe too high, a 9 is good, even 9.5, but a 10?
just my 2 cents

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