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hey, Microsoft should address the criticism instead of ignoring it

just look at the youtube video: 819 dislike, 652 like

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you mean to tell me that your still not done with halo odst campaign

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skittles was a bit too casual for my taste

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ive seen better games on xbl/psn games

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that picture of uncharted better not indicate anything toward the topic

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if mircrosoft shows me the games, i will buy. These games are not worth my time let alone my hard-earn cash. Same goes to sony with move, these need to be more than a gimmick or else the wii has already check and mate.

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they will. why because they will charge lots of money for it.

and I'll be the one million gamer saying this
suck it kotick

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sounds like my type of game.

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if there wasnt a new xbox, im 110% sure it wouldnt happen. selling 150k+ in a week is a sign that people wanted reliable hardware

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yes. with titles like twisted metal, infamous 2, killzone 3, gears 3, to name a few, 2011 will be awesome

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playstation since 95

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its at a 53 on metacritic

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its too extreme for ign. one million troops wow

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see putting trails HD and wii sports resort is what i have a problem with. I can think of better games (on either consoles) to include then those two. I find the author opinion not so well. Heavy rain is another i might replace and put demon souls or littlebigplanet.

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not him, anyone but doc. Looks like doc needs a doctor.

oh and jamegohanssj5, this pics for you

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i did not play it but i heard it was good, better than the one that came out in 2008. I'll buy it at $30

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could help the sales of the game now

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those balls are hot :D

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